Yes, we are open in Ixopo: Change The Tempo Of Your Life

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There is no better place to reboot and rejuvenate and to get in touch with nature than in the beautiful, tranquil spaces of the BRC. 
All health protocols and Covid-19 regulations are in place - with social distancing, sanitizing and masks - for your safety and well-being.

Under normal circumstances, we would always welcome day visitors to Ixopo, but with our very strict Covid safety protocols in place, we are prioritising our residential retreatants at the moment, and therefore not accepting day visitors.

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Wesak 2020



pink seeding grasses
on the road to Ixopo
- another autumn

Late on a May afternoon driving the twisting R56 as it ascends the southern side of the Umkomaas valley the sinking sun backlights the autumn grasses growing by the roadside rendering their seed heads blush-pink. It’s a familiar sight at this time of the year for those on their way to the Buddhist Retreat Centre to attend the annual Wesak retreat held under the full moon of May (or the closest weekend thereto) to commemorate and celebrate the birth, enlightenment and death of Siddhartha Gautama, the Buddha, ‘the awakened one’, 2500 years ago.

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Sangha Projects: December 2019

andrew brown stupa sunrise

Generosity and Gratitude

In one of his teachings, the Buddha enumerated the most noble sentiments we should endeavour to develop in our life. The first and most important one is Dana or Generosity because from that springs forth all other beautiful characteristics such as kindness, forgiveness and virtue. We should therefore be alert to situations that arouse these qualities in us and provide us with an opportunity to express them towards others. They then become habitual, effortless and spontaneous.

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“Why Watch Your Breath When It Comes And Goes So Naturally?”

stupa in the clouds

As some of you know, I employed a wonderful Induna, Vikimpi Mbanjwa, who helped me build the Centre. I recall affectionately his question when he attended one of Godwin Samaratna’s meditation sessions: “Why are we encouraged to watch our breath when it comes so naturally?” Mbanjwa - as he liked to be called - and I became firm friends over the course of the 25 years he was in my employment - a wise, loyal man - and mentor. What a privilege it was to work side by side with him, building the Centre over those first arduous 10 years.

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A weekend of meditation practice, and a 4-day meditation retreat

meditate at brc

It is important for us to take time out  from the incessant demands and pressured pace of daily life.  The BRC gives you the space to do that. Join Stephen Coan on a silent Zen-style meditation retreat  in the tranquil environment of the BRC and give yourself the space and time to reconnect with your deepest self by simply being attentive, from moment to moment.

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Raise The Roof

We are appealing to our friends and supporters to sponsor a square meter of thatch at R200 or more to help us to renew the deteriorated and leaking thatch roof over our studio. We need R110,000.00 to rethatch it to keep us high and dry over the summer rains.

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KZN ZEN: Retreating to flavour and mindfulness

Story and photo by Wanda Hennig • The Daily Maverick • 28 June 2019

Too many chefs. Zen food. Monkey thieves. Ensconced. Sangoma recipes. Kitchen wisdom. Adam’s sourdough. Only in KZN.

Tantric Tarts: crispy, zesty, intriguing. A Thriller with Vanilla: sublime, luscious, decadent. You’ll have guessed we’re talking food, this being TGIF. But what’s cooking? Who’s cooking? And where?

Ven. Robina Courtin in KZN


"Happiness is really simple: it's what you get when you give up attachment and the other neuroses.”

Australian ex-political activist and feminist, Robina Courtin, has been a Buddhist nun since 1978. Teaching Buddhism around the world, Robina shatters the stereotype of a Buddhist nun, her intense and direct style leaving an indelible impression on everyone she meets.

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bee article 1

Join us for a fascinating talk on beekeeping and the intriguing world of these little super insects that have been producing honey for millions of years.

Speaker: Curtis Fulton,
Owner: Avalon Apiaries
Date: Tuesday 11 December 2018
Time: 11:30
Venue: Studio, BRC
Bookings: 082 579 3037 or e-mail

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