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Qigong From The Daoist Mountain Wudang: Energy - Vastness - Stillness

Teacher: Max Weier
Cost: 2 days accommodation + R400 surcharge
Dates: Tuesday 28 February 2023 - Thursday 02 March 2023

max weierThese practices are designed to cleanse, strengthen and expand the energy body with its subtle channels and centres. From a state of heaviness and contraction we will move to a state of pure vibration, lightness, spaciousness and stillness. Eventually we will get a glimpse of our true nature.

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Max Weier resides in Switzerland and has been studying and practising various Buddhist traditions - Taoist disciplines and Vedanta - for the past forty years. He has been teaching worldwide for the last twenty years. He is an author on the subjects of ch’i kung and Taoism.