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From sock monkeys to singing bowls - you will find them all - and more - in the BRC shop

The BRC shop has an exquisite stylish range of products. The emphasis is on stocking items that express a Zen-like simplicity and quality. Apart from meditation cushions, mats and stools and a selection of books on Buddhism, there are music CD’s conducive to a meditative mood.  You will find Charlotte Rhys products, as well as a variety of Japanese incense, and a chic range of Zen-style pottery and Anthony Shapiro’s classic bowls, pots, and vases, some decorated with sumie brushwork by Louis, and perfectly-tuned wind chimes.  

There is a lovely range of men’s and ladies’ yoga pants, Buddha T-shirts, warm, colourful snoodies and leisurewear: casual but stylish draw-string trousers and tops in pure crushed cotton, in white and stone.  There are colourful Nepalese, Kathmandu and Indian shawls plus Tibetan shirts, pants and bags as well as cotton and silk Nepalese scarves. The sacred Tibetan “singing” bowls, mala beads, Buddha statues, ritual monastery bells, Tibetan gongs and cymbals are very popular, as are the ceramic hearts and T- light holders by Lisa Firer.  There are also elegant ceramic aromatherapy burners, as well as Soy and Charisma candles.

The BRC postcards featuring pictures taken of the Centre by various photographers are very popular, as are the enlarged photographs by Tomas Campher and original Sumie paintings by Louis van Loon. Encouraged by the social welfare project, Woza Moya, the Gogos (grandmothers) of Chibini Valley have crafted gorgeous sock monkeys, beanies, scarves, cushion covers and embroidered cards and shoulder and work bags - all best sellers.  Copies of the original maquette for the giant BRC Buddha are available.  They are 50 cm tall - one-tenth the size of the 5 meter tall Buddha Louis sculpted in the BRC garden.  We have smaller bronze Buddhas, sculpted by Kim Goodwin and ceramic Buddhas made by Mondli Mandla.

The BRC has credit card facilities.

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Our Books


Quiet Food, our first recipe book , is in its tenth reprint, and The Cake The Buddha Ate in its fourth reprint. Like Quiet Food, The Cake celebrates the food served at the BRC as much as it does the BRC itself with photographs showcasing the beauty of the place, and stories about it and the activities that take place there. Plentiful continues the gastronomic adventure. It is filled to the brim with scrumptious vegetarian dishes, which romance the palate.

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Sample pages from Plentiful!

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