• “Soul Origami” – Unfolding Me: Listening with your whole being, Speaking from your deepest authenticity

    Teacher: Nicholas Burnand and Sarah Dekker
    Cost: 2 days' accommodation + R350 surcharge
    Dates: Tuesday 14 August 2018 - Thursday 16 August 2018

    nicholas burnandsarah dekkerWe are inviting you on a journey of direct experiencing, sensing and being, witnessing the mystery of existence reveal itself. The Dyad is a powerful meditation technique which rapidly takes us to a heightened level of mindfulness and self-awareness. In contrast to silent meditation methods practised alone, this is practised face-to-face. Through the Dyad enquiry we watch our hearts unfold, learning to trust ourselves, to listen with our whole being and to speak from a place of inner awareness. Just as in Origami, each fold presents a new facet of ourselves; another aspect of life. Individual and group processes will be alternated with periods of individual reflection and quiet contemplation in the beautiful natural surroundings of the BRC.  Click here to view a clip of a previous retreat.

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    Nicholas Burnand has reflected deeply on the question “Is there more to life than struggle and suffering?” This led him on a quest to discover how he could live life more fully present, alive and with joy. His journey has taken him to remote places, spending hundreds of hours in retreats, ceremonies, workshops, as well as in personal daily practice. He discovered the Dyad Enquiry practice four years ago, and since then has been practising and sharing it in workshops, retreats, and one-on-one sessions which he offers as a CNVC certified trainer. Along with Nonviolent Communication, he has found the Dyad method to be the most deeply transformative practice that he has encountered so far. Through it he has discovered that empathy is the path to freedom from suffering - as the Buddha did 25 centuries before him.

    Sarah Dekker grew up in Ghana, Botswana, the Netherlands, Mozambique and South Africa where she engaged with people from many different cultures and socio-economic backgrounds. She found herself looking for connection and building bridges to overcome our stories of separation and steer ourselves towards a common humanity. She studied gender and conflict studies, longing to better understand identity constructs and social hierarchies and to figure out how divides between people might be deconstructed. After university her focus shifted from the academic to the experiential and spiritual, becoming more aware of our inner world and our interconnectedness with the broader web of life. She attended many workshops and trained in various modalities. Nonviolent Communication and Dyad practice have become essential components of her daily life and constitute the most transformative tools she has encountered.

  • Finding And Keeping Your Centre

    Teacher: Tessa Pretorius
    Cost: 2 days’ accommodation + R200 surcharge
    Dates: Friday 17 August 2018 - Sunday 19 August 2018

    tessa_pretoriusThe Buddha’s teachings emphasise the importance of taking care of ourselves in order to be of service to others. Most of us, whether we are professional caregivers or people caring for family, colleagues or friends, miss this vital step.  When we are told to take better care of ourselves we either feel we don’t have the time or don’t know how to do that or where to begin.  The secret lies in finding your Centre - because when we are centred in our own wholeness, we are able to deal with what life throws at us.  This retreat will teach you practical tools to help you find, regain and retain your balance and centre so that you can ride life’s merry-go-round with equanimity. This retreat is ideal for care workers and anyone wanting to be more effective in caring for themselves.

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    Tessa Pretorious is an ex-trauma counsellor, activist, philosopher and writer, and has been facilitating workshops on self-care and mindfulness for over fifteen years. She was trained by Patricia Cane (founder and creator of Capacitar International) whose work she has incorporated into training programmes for NGO's, hospitals, members of the justice system, the SAPS, as well as in her own course "Softening Anger Mindfully". She believes self-care is essential for personal well-being and, as in Buddhist practice, essential to be of service to others.

  • A Neurosurgeon Probes Wellness And Performance

    Teacher: Ian Weinberg
    Cost: 2 days’ accommodation + R250 surcharge
    Dates: Friday 24 August 2018 - Sunday 26 August 2018

    ian weinbergIn a series of talks and Mindfulness meditation sessions, we will explore the chemistry which mediates the effects of mind states on the body: psychoneuroimmunology or PNI. The talks and demonstrations will show that we can attain optimal wellness and performance by getting to know our temperament and personality traits; by being more present-minded; and through sensible, informed ways of living and behaving.

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    Ian Weinberg is a consultant neurosurgeon by profession and a pioneer in the science of applied psychoneuroimmunology (PNI). His Triangles Model© became the cornerstone for PNI instruction and intervention. A significant proportion of these interventions reflect traditional Buddhist principles. He is consulted widely, both by private and corporate individuals, in the implementation of wellness and performance-enhancing strategies. His book Leading with Conscious Awareness. A narrative of Personal insights - Conscious Companies South Africa - was published in March.

  • Being Our Own Best Friend In This Crazy World

    Teacher: Chandasara
    Cost: 2 days’ accommodation + R150 surcharge
    Dates: Friday 31 August 2018 - Sunday 02 September 2018

    chandasara smlThis is a silent meditation retreat focusing on the relationship we have with ourselves: what does “being our own best friend” really mean? Can we be steady and at ease simply being who we are without needing to be particularly special or better or worse than anyone else? Can we similarly be at peace with others who are different to us without being critical and judgmental? We will explore these questions, using insights from both psychology and the Buddha’s teachings on what keeps us trapped in cycles of negativity and suggest ways of how we can restore ourselves into a more natural state of ease and well-being. During the retreat, there will be periods of sitting and walking meditation, morning and evening talks, and opportunities for dialogue and discussion.

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    Chandasara spent her early adult life in political exile after wich she worked as a political analyst at the Centre for Policy Studies in Johannesburg. She trained as a Buddhist nun in the Forest School from 2003 to 2011, and, on leaving, completed an Honours degree in psychology while residing at Emoyeni Retreat Centre. Since childhood, she has been deeply interested in all forms of life and nature, intuitive sensitivity, spontaneity, play, creativity and freedom. She currently resides at Dharmagiri Insight Meditation Centre where she teaches meditation and mindfulness.

  • Opening The Heart : The healing power of the Four Immeasurable Practices and Tonglen meditation

    Teacher: Ven. Chamtrul Rinpoche
    Cost: 2 days’ accommodation + R350 surcharge
    Dates: Friday 07 September 2018 - Sunday 09 September 2018

    chamtrul rinpocheThe happiness of one depends on the happiness of all. Among the methods that the Buddha taught that enables one to experience happiness of mind and wholesome attitudes to all sentient beings are the Four Immeasurable Practices and Tonglen or 'giving and taking' meditation.The Four Immeasurables are Equanimity, Sympathetic Joy, Loving-Kindness and Compassion towards ourselves and others. These boundless states can replace more narrow states of mind like fear, miserliness, jealousy and anger.Tonglen or "Giving and Taking" meditation reverses our habitual self-cherishing as we take on the suffering of others and mentally give to them our happiness and merit. As the heart opens, there is the opportunity to experience more peace, love and joy and lay the foundations for Insight. Chamtrul Rinpoche will give detailed instruction on these methods with guided meditation.

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    Chamtrul Rinpoche has taught for over 20 years to thousands of Tibetan monks and foreign students (monks, nuns and lay people), in Tibet, India and other countries. In the words of Rinpoche himself: “Teaching is what I do in this life. Wherever someone asks me to teach, I am there.”
    More details on Chamtrul Rinpoche’s life can be found on Rinpoche’s offical site in the page “autobiography”.

    For more information and for updates on Rinpoche’s teachings please visit https://safricachamtrulrinpoche.wordpress.com

  • Transforming Fear: How to turn stress and anxiety into well-being

    Teacher: Albert Buhr
    Cost: 2 days’ accommodation + R350 surcharge
    Dates: Friday 14 September 2018 - Sunday 16 September 2018

    albert buhr smlTo reduce the suffering in the world, we need the skills to reduce our own. This workshop will teach you the practical, effective tools to do exactly that. Unless it is released, stress gets locked into our bodies, accumulating until it erupts in panic, aggression or illness. Only a bold and brave reorientation can heal the roots of the growing epidemic of anxiety and depression that psychiatry has failed to quell with its quick-fix suppression of symptoms. Deep relaxation is an art, and the doorway to profound bliss.

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    Albert Buhr travelled the world to learn the best methods for subduing the stress response, after he recovered from debilitating anxiety himself.  A former novice monk, he now runs workshops for people struggling with severe anxiety, and facilitates mindfulness programs in the corporate environment. As a member of Harvard's Langer Mindfulness Institute he has taken his workshops to an international audience. His book, Angel of Fear, was published in 2016.

  • Open The Heart And Still The Mind: Finding joy within stillness

    Teacher: Sue Cooper
    Cost: 4 days’ accommodation + R350 surcharge
    Dates: Thursday 20 September 2018 - Monday 24 September 2018

    sue cooper 2014This 4-day, long-weekend retreat, which integrates meditation and the wisdom of Buddhist psychology, is held in a nurturing and containing atmosphere of contemplative (Noble) silence. Through the teachings and practices of compassionate wisdom, we will cultivate a calm, spacious awareness which inspires courage and trust in the face of change, uncertainty and loss. Drawing on the Spring theme of new beginnings, we will open our hearts to our vulnerability with kindness and compassion, so that we can embrace our lives with greater freedom and joy. In addition to offering short, individual sessions, Sue will offer daily sessions of chi kung movement meditation, to enhance the integration of body, heart and mind. There will also be time for restorative rest, as well as for silent walks in the beautiful gardens of the BRC. Beginners as well as experienced practitioners are very welcome. See: sue.stillmind@gmail.com.

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    Sue Cooper is a clinical psychologist with almost 25 years of experience as a psychoanalytic psychotherapist, working in private practice in Cape Town since the early 1990’s. She has a long-standing interest in the interface between psychological and spiritual approaches to self-discovery and inner healing, and has attended Buddhist meditation retreats, mainly in the Theravada tradition, for over 30 years.  She has been   inspired by the teachings of Ajahn Chah of the Thai Forest tradition and is deeply grateful to her primary teachers: the late Godwin Samararatne, Kittisaro and Thanissara, Ajahn Sucitto and Stephen and Martine Batchelor. She has a particular interest in exploring how our practice enables us to embrace our humanness, integrating love and loss in our lives, so that we can live and die with compassionate awareness.

  • A Taste Of Mindfulness: On being here - now

    Teacher: Lisa Firer and Craig Henen
    Cost: 2 days’ accommodation + R400 surcharge
    Dates: Friday 28 September 2018 - Sunday 30 September 2018

    lisa firercraig henenOpen to newcomers and seasoned meditators alike, this retreat gives participants a taste of the practice of Mindfulness: developing moment-to-moment, non-judgmental awareness. This powerful practice enables one to relate with equanimity to whatever is unfolding and makes it possible to work more creatively with the stresses and demands of daily living. Based on the work of Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn, this retreat combines traditional eastern wisdom with modern science and psychology and aims to generate a greater sense of present-mindedness, less reactivity, more relaxation, body awareness and self-compassion through mindful exercises, yoga, group discussion and reflection. This unique format enables one to integrate this practice into one’s daily life.

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    Lisa Firer is an artist and facilitator with a background in education and psychology. She offers, in a variety of contexts, both mindfulness and Biodanza, a dance-movement system of human development. For the past five years, she has been developing Stillness-Dancing, an integration of movement and meditation practices. She studied the teaching of Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction at the University of Massachusetts, USA, Centre for Mindfulness in 2005. She is an internationally accredited Biodanza facilitator and is currently enrolled in the Certification of Mindfulness-Based Interventions at Stellenbosch University.

    Craig Henen is an executive coach and facilitator, offering several Mindfulness-Based interventions to individuals and groups. He works with an integral framework of experiential learning, systems theory,  emotional intelligence and mindfulness practices, providing a stimulating and safe environment for executives and their teams to examine, evaluate and improve their leadership styles, skills, and processes. He co-facilitates with Lisa Firer in a range of Mindfulness applications. 

  • Biodanza: The still point of the dance

    Teacher: Lisa Firer
    Cost: 2 days' accommodation + R150 surcharge
    Dates: Friday 05 October 2018 - Sunday 07 October 2018

    lisa firerBiodanza is an invitation to dance with life. It uses music and movement to create a space in which to taste the joy of living; to experience yourself deeply and to open up more fully to others and the world around you. It fosters a capacity for creativity and play and confident, heart-centred living. Although the facilitator will give guidance, the movements are spontaneous and entirely your own. There is nothing to get “right”, so experience in dance is not a requirement. The retreat uses Mindfulness practice to support participants to be more present to their experience, and will include periods of silence and meditation. We all have, inherently, each in our own way, what is needed to live a life that is rich and full, vital and present-centred.

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    Lisa Firer is an artist and facilitator with a background in education and psychology. She offers, in a variety of contexts, both mindfulness and Biodanza, a dance-movement system of human development. For the past five years, she has been developing Stillness-Dancing, an integration of movement and meditation practices. She studied the teaching of Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction at the University of Massachusetts, USA, Centre for Mindfulness in 2005. She is an internationally accredited Biodanza facilitator and is currently enrolled in the Certification of Mindfulness-Based Interventions at Stellenbosch University.

  • The Genius Programme: How to move from habit thinking to genius living To innovate yourself and live with a younger mind

    Teacher: Graeme Butchart
    Cost: 2 days’ accommodation + R300 surcharge
    Dates: Friday 12 October 2018 - Sunday 14 October 2018

    graeme butchartWe are all born genius. That is to say - we all begin with the full spectrum of intelligence - analytical, operational, emotional and creative. Yet, as our journey through life unfolds, we begin to adjust and conform to societal structures and norms - one of which is the manner in which we acquire the abundant knowledge, that is there for the taking. These standards and conformities ultimately produce a different thinking and behavioural mind from the one we started with, often to our detriment. Much of what we learn is beneficial. Equally, a great deal of our gained knowledge ends up getting in our way, limiting our thinking and reducing our experience of life; stunting our growth, defeating self-development and self-awareness. The Genius Programme helps identify those voices of judgement that have captured our thinking and created unproductive habits. It introduces new liberating tools that rebirth the intuitive and creative aspects of ourselves, and provides everyday practical exercises that connect us to the genius within.

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    Graeme Butchart journeyed into education, following thirty years in the “rabbit hole” of advertising. He lectures in creativity, innovation and communication at numerous institutions and business schools. His passion for the development of the willing mind was the motivation to study consciousness-coaching in 2005. Working with many diverse groups and individuals helped him to recognise that everyone has vast creative potential, left mostly untapped, causing many to remain “stuck” in their habits of living. Wishing to contribute, he wrote The Genius Programme, a practical workbook that helps to guide the individual into an innovation of self and the discovery of purpose.