• You Can't Fill The Hole In Your Heart With Food: Developing a mindful approach to eating

    Teacher: Richard-John Chippindall and Xenia Ayiotis
    Cost: 2 days’ accommodation + R350 surcharge
    Dates: Friday 27 October 2017 - Sunday 29 October 2017

    rj chippindallxenia ayiotisAs a practice, mindful eating can bring us awareness of our habits and thoughts around food and our bodies. This workshop is based on a combination of Mindfulness-Based Eating Awareness and Intuitive Eating Principles. The focus is on creating a healthy relationship with food, using a non-judgemental and compassionate approach to re-learning internal physical and emotional cues to guide us when, what and how much we eat. The workshop covers how to deal with cravings and urges through the development of mindfulness skills. It also draws on techniques from cognitive behaviour therapy that enables us to become aware of, and manage, our sometimes destructive patterns and habits around food, eating and our bodies. We will also look at emotional triggers that can lead to overeating and binge eating, and how these may be effectively understood and dealt with.

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    Xenia Ayiotis has transformed her relationship with food through many years of mindfulness and yoga practice. She holds a Masters degree in languages from Wits University and has a background in organising tours to southern Africa. She is a certified Mindfulness-Based Eating Awareness Training Practitioner and Intuitive Eating Counsellor. She is in private practice and facilitates workshops on how to achieve a balanced, respectful, healthy and joyful relationship with food.

    Richard-John Chippindall had an academic career in Microbiology until attending Louis van Loon’s retreat Hell is Other People in the 1990’s where this introduction to Buddhist philosophy inspired him to study clinical psychology. After qualifying, he spent eleven years working at St Bartholomew’s Hospital in London where he gained extensive experience in providing mindfulness-based interventions to patients with emotional and psychological difficulties, as well as chronic health problems. He is now in private practice in Johannesburg.

  • S.O.S: Awakening to self, other and sisterhood with all life. A retreat for women

    Teacher: Rene Stevenson
    Cost: 2 days’ accommodation + R150 surcharge
    Dates: Friday 03 November 2017 - Sunday 05 November 2017

    rene stevensonTo awaken is to be intimate with all life   Dogen

    In this experiential retreat we explore what it means - as women - to pay radical attention to all our relationships: with ourselves, others, the world.  We will enquire into the question: what does it take to engage life fully and open-heartedly; to cultivate what C. G. Jung called a “kinship with all life”?  We will spend time in silence, walking in nature, meditating, story-telling and reading poetry, alone and in conversation, dancing and creating, through which we will cultivate an attitude of befriending our experiences - whatever these happen to be.  Inspiration and guidance are drawn from Buddhist wisdom and meditation practices, psychology (particularly Jungian) and images of the archetypal feminine, to cultivate loving-kindness to ourselves and others, and to be truly present, and awake in our lives.

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    Rene Stevenson is a clinical psychologist in private practice in KwaZulu-Natal, a long-term Buddhist practitioner and poet. In her work with individuals and groups, she combines creativity, the wisdom of spiritual traditions, especially Buddhism, meditation/mindfulness and Western Psychology (especially Jungian) as well as  dream work in supporting and facilitating healing, transformation, well-being and deepening self-awareness.

  • Chi Whiz: An introduction to chi kung

    Teacher: Colin Kemery
    Cost: 2 days’ accommodation + R100 surcharge
    Dates: Monday 06 November 2017 - Wednesday 08 November 2017

    colin kemeryChi kung is an art that combines aerobic conditioning, meditation and relaxation without the extremes of physical exertion, making it the ideal practice for people of every age and of all levels of fitness. Learn the gentle rhythmic dance of the shamans, increase your healing life force by dissolving blockages in your body and restoring the natural flow of Chi. A programme of twenty easy-to-learn chi kung movements, practised on a regular basis, will prove to be   invigorating and life-changing.

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    Colin Kemery conducts his popular sunrise chi kung sessions at the BRC. He is currently the Estate Manager at the BRC, and has been a Buddhist and yoga practitioner for 40 years. He lived and worked in the UK, France, Denmark and the USA, and is a musician and song-writer, with a passion for cooking and nutrition.

  • Coming Home: A weekend of meditation practice

    Teacher: Stephen Coan
    Cost: 2 days' accommodation + R250 surcharge
    Dates: Friday 10 November 2017 - Sunday 12 November 2017

    stephen coan smlEach day is a journey; the journey itself is home’ wrote Basho, the famous seventeenth century Japanese poet and travel writer. Yet how often do we find ourselves dwelling on the past or, alternatively, travelling through life with our attention firmly projected into the future, ignoring or avoiding the present moment? Supported by a programme of sitting and walking meditation, come on a journey knowing exactly where you are, moment to moment, and thus discover your true home. There will also be time to enjoy the beautiful grounds and surroundings of the Centre. Please note that apart from an introductory talk and a discussion period, the retreat will be held in Noble Silence.

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    Stephen Coan is a writer. He has been involved with Buddhism for three decades and in his retreats explores the interface between poetry and silence and the profound benefits of doing nothing, seriously.

  • Silent Music: A meditation retreat

    Teacher: Stephen Coan
    Cost: 4 days accommodation + R150 surcharge
    Dates: Sunday 12 November 2017 - Thursday 16 November 2017

    stephen coan smlMy beloved is the mountains, the solitary wooded valleys…the tranquil night, at the approaches of dawn, the silent music, the murmuring solitude… St. John of the Cross

    This will be a simple no-frills, “bare-bones” Zen-style retreat consisting of sitting and walking meditation, including a morning and evening dharma reading, as well as time to experience the beautiful grounds and surroundings of the centre and a chance to listen to silent music. The retreat presents an ideal opportunity to extend and deepen your meditation practice. Please note that the retreat will be held in Noble Silence, apart from an opening talk and a discussion/feedback session at the end.

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    Stephen Coan is a writer. He has been involved with Buddhism for three decades and in his retreats explores the interface between poetry and silence and the profound benefits of doing nothing, seriously.

  • An Introduction To Chi Kung

    Teacher: Paul Dorrian
    Cost: 2 days' accommodation + R150 surcharge
    Dates: Friday 17 November 2017 - Sunday 19 November 2017

    paul dorrianChi kung is an ancient Chinese practice that boosts one’s health and longevity. Through gentle, slow and flowing movements, it integrates and harmonises one’s bodily functions and states of mind by eliminating static and toxic energy patterns. Chi kung strengthens the internal organs and skeletal structure and encourages good posture. In this retreat, Paul will teach the Healing Sounds Short Form - a set of gentle exercises that also uses sounds to cleanse and heal our major organs, and which is fun to practise. He will also teach the ancient Taoist Brain Cleansing healing meditation.

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    Paul Dorrian is an international management consultant, author and speaker.  His interest in improving employee wellness in the work place led him to teach chi kung and tai chi chuan. He has studied these disciplines under various teachers in the UK and Spain, and with the late Master Dr. Nico Snyman, his current teacher Master Marleen Bilas and with his Grandmaster Dr. Lin Feng-Chao.  He teaches tai chi in the Yang style and chi kung in the Pa Tuan Chin, Healing Sounds and Zhan Zhuang styles at his school, the Lin Li School of Tai Chi Chuan, in Pietermaritzburg.

  • Integrating Yoga And Zen Meditation: Wake up with energy and clarity of purpose

    Teacher: Jane and Kevin Treffry-Goatley
    Cost: Cost: 2 days’ accommodation + R350 surcharge
    Dates: Friday 24 November 2017 - Sunday 26 November 2017

    kevin goatleyjane treffry goatleyIn this retreat, we will combine Yoga asanas and Zen meditation. This combined practice wakes us up from the dream of who we imagine we are, and what we think we need. This awakens our innate human qualities of empathy and compassion, releases the energy to act, develops clarity and brings a sense of purpose and commitment to our lives. We then become the person the world needs right now.
    The ultimate source of happiness is simply a healthy body and a warm heart - The Dalai Lama

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    Jane and Kevin Treffry-Goatley practise and teach yoga and Zen meditation in Knysna at the Lotus Studio. Jane is a certified Iyengar Yoga teacher who has been teaching since 2007. Kevin is a Zen Dharma Teacher under the guidance of Heila Downey SSN of the Dharma Centre in Robertson. They have both been attending Zen retreats and Yoga workshops since early 2000 and have facilitated Yoga and Zen retreats in Robertson.

  • Building Your “BounceBackAbility”: Learning to flourish whatever the circumstances

    Teacher: Graham Williams
    Cost: 2 days’ accommodation + R350 surcharge
    Dates: Friday 01 December 2017 - Sunday 03 December 2017

    graham williamsI love those who can smile in trouble, who can gather strength from distress, and grow brave by reflection  Leonardo da Vinci

    Feeling overwhelmed by stress, change and disappointments at home or at work? This is a very practical retreat. Each participant has the option to compile a short questionnaire designed by psychologists, Drs Allen Zimbler and Caryn Solomon, and to receive a confidential assessment of what they personally need to do to cope better with change and adversity. We will explore what you need to develop in order to rise to the challenges that change presents and, to be comfortable with and stay in control during the process of change - based on findings from neuroscience, psychology and Buddhism. This will enable you to find your purpose, positivity and adaptability through the joy of self-discovery and connect with others who have also battled with change and adversity, resulting in an experience of relief and contentment by finding that, although we may be bombarded with change from all quarters, there are simple antidotes to prevent us from succumbing. You will have fun in the process and will leave inspired, possessing a new inner strength and practical, proven ways of ‘bouncing forward’. Each participant will take away a booklet of new insights, encouragement and exercises - so that you can continue to work with whatever arrived for you during the retreat.

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    Graham Williams is a management consultant, thought leader, speaker, and author who has worked in over forty countries around the world. He focuses on the use of narrative, anecdote and metaphor as important contributors to successful business interventions, and believes that the time has come for business to be based on character virtues.

  • From The Inside Out: The human dynamics of sustainability

    Teacher: Graham Williams
    Cost: 2 days’ accommodation + R150 surcharge
    Dates: Sunday 03 December 2017 - Tuesday 05 December 2017

    graham williamsUkuphosa itshe esivivaneni –
    Make a personal contribution to a great and worthy task

    The earth is in a sorry state ecologically, socially, economically, politically and spiritually. It is fraught with tensions, discontent, dis-ease, divisiveness and unethical behaviour. Scientists maintain that ‘humans are eating away their own life-support systems at a rate unseen in the last 10,000 years’. This mid-week retreat is for those who wish to develop ethical, compassionate, forward-looking, collaborative and effective leadership, and for those who feel unconfident about being able to make a real difference, but who really want to contribute to a better world. If “a flea can bite the bottom of the Pope in Rome” (Les Miserables:  Little People) then we each can make an impact. You will experience and learn a model that is simple, practical and profound, and is comprised of deeper mindfulness, future orientation, more effective decision-making and organic behaviour change.  Experiential and interactive, the learning will be through enjoyable exercises.  We will develop a perspective whereby the serious remains serious, but is approached in a relaxed manner, and that 'activism' isn't necessarily confrontational. The best criticism of the bad is the practice of the better. Oppositional energy only creates more of the same - Richard Rohr

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    Graham Williams is a management consultant, thought leader, speaker, and author who has worked in over forty countries around the world. He focuses on the use of narrative, anecdote and metaphor as important contributors to successful business interventions, and believes that the time has come for business to be based on character virtues.

  • On Giving Good Ear: The Zen of listening

    Teacher: Wanda Hennig
    Cost: 2 days’ accommodation + R150 surcharge
    Dates: Friday 08 December 2017 - Sunday 10 December 2017

    wanda hennig smlWe might think we listen to ourselves and others, but subliminal chatter impacts our lives profoundly. Ungrounded fears and ‘stories’ we tell ourselves can trap us in unsatisfying ‘comfort’ zones. Meditation and journalling are two ways to reach the source of inner freedom and choice. Memoir is a great medium for exploring our story. Then there are in-the-body mindfulness practices we can use to become unstuck and create shifts. In this silent retreat, expect to explore and play with insights, practices and journalling around sensuality, eating and living - the purpose being to give participants some new ways and tools to live more fully and with pleasure in the world. Bring a pen, a notebook, curiosity and a sense of humour.

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    Wanda Hennig is a longtime journalist, an author, a seeker, a traveller, a (culinary) travel writer and a California-trained and certified life coach with post-graduate degrees in psychology and education. She lived and practised for three-and-a-half years at the San Francisco Zen Center in the 1990’s, was lay-ordained by former SFZC abbot Paul Haller, and has been a BRC enthusiast from way before that. She has dealt with personal issues around food, social phobia and depression and, in the unravelling, came to see they were all inter-linked.