Gracious Praise and Reflections

Nicolene and Gerhard Vermeulen
Magical. So blessed to be able to come here. Heaven
Desray Eddey
We have just spent an unforgettable weekend self retreat at the BRC. Nobody leaves this extraordinary place feeling less than loved, lit up from the inside, peaceful, relaxed, energised, positive and joyful. Thank you Louis, Chrisi, Lien, Reuben, Colin, Jenny and all the happy staff for making our stay so awesome! Love, Gary & Desray xxx
Mari Pete
For over 20 years of my visits the retreat has cradled me, whichever mood I am in. The home baked bread and honey remain a comfort in a kitchen that brings my grandmother's memories to life. (At home I cook from the coffee table quality BRC cook books.) The coming together of Nature, Art, Science and Spirit at this place where Alan Paton's hills unfold, makes it a place where folks from all faiths, and none, are welcome. Spirit is spacious here.
Natalie Jayne Gossman
A world class, beautiful, special place with special people. Thanks Tessa for passing on your wisdom ... and to all the others in the group for sharing theirs. I left revived, renewed and relaxed. Thank you! I will be back!!!
Nishara Singh
Breath taking beautiful place of silence, serenity and majestic scenery of the mist covered valley. The staff were friendly and receptive. Delicious hearty meals, perfect for vegetarians. Absolutely awesome, life altering experience, I would certainly visit again and again
Catherine Klopper
Thank you for giving us a space to reflect in peace and tranquillity. As always the food was delicious and nourished body and spirit! The gardens, although not as green in winter, still share beautiful and surprising explosions of colour and so are just as wonderful. The morning mist cast a gentle blanket over everything and added to the peace around us. It was exactly what we needed at a difficult time. Thanks to Ray, Sue and Allen especially for our "comfort of strangers" conversation
Hayley Frank
I am in awe of such a gracious outstanding beautiful centre in the southern part of Africa. Professionally run with utmost love at all times