Thursday 01 October 2020
  • Karma (online)

    Teacher: Ken Holmes
    Cost: Donation to support the BRC during the COVID-19 lockdown
    Dates: 09:30am - 10:30am 

    ken holmes2020Karma: What Is It?

    This first talk explores the Buddhist understanding of why life happens to each person in the way it does and how the way we deal with our karma is all-important, for both the present moment and the long-term future. Ken will concentrate on the overview and a deeper understanding of being embodied in this world rather than lists and details of karma that can be found in books.

    26 September | 9.30-10.30am

    Karma: What Can We Do About It?
    The karma we inherit from our past forms the raw material of each moment, from which we can make either treasures or disasters. Words such as ‘acceptance’, ‘purification’ and ‘transformation’ are readily said but often misunderstood or poorly understood.  It is joyful to be able to live well-equipped to face whatever karma life brings. Dharma gives us the tools.

    3 October | 9.30-10.30am

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    Ken Holmes is an internationally-respected dharma teacher and translator of ancient Tibetan texts. Former Director of Studies of the Samye Ling group of centres, he shares his fifty years of experience studying under many of the most famous Tibetan masters of the 20th century. The way Ken presents the teachings is deeply-informed yet very accessible and often with a light and humorous touch.

  • "Written In The Stars": The Basics Of The Ancient Art Of Astrology (online)

    Teacher: Corinna Botoulas
    Cost: Donation to support the BRC during the COVID-19 lockdown
    Dates: 05:30pm - 07:30pm 

    corinna botoulas2020Join Astrologer Cor as she explores the Basics of the Ancient Art of Astrology, on the Buddhist Retreat Centre’s online platform from 24 August until 29 September 2020. We are part of the greater cycles of nature, bound to the ever-changing seasons of life. 

    As within, so without. As above, so below.

    This workshop will focus on celebrating and understanding the meaning of your birth chart. By learning the innate meaning and archetypal representation of the planets, you will explore your divine uniqueness and gain the gifts of self-compassion, self-tolerance, and inner equilibrium. Beginners are most welcome and encouraged.

    1) Monday 24 August 5.30-7.30pm - Welcome Introduction Circle, History of Astrology Introduction to chart layout
    2) Monday 31 August 5.30pm-7.30pm - 10 Planets and their astrological symbolism and meanings
    3) Monday 7 September 5.30-7.30pm - 12 Zodiac Signs and their astrological symbols and meanings
    4) Monday 14 September 5.30-7.30pm - 12 Houses and their astrological meanings
    5) Monday 21 September 5.30-7.30pm - Polarity, Elements, Modalities, Hemispheres
    6) Monday 5  October 5.30pm-7.30pm - Aspects
    7) Monday 19 October 5.30pm-7.30pm

    Participants will be working with their own charts. To receive a copy of your own birth chart, along with a copy of the workshop workbook, please send me your birth details (date, time, place) no later than the 22nd of August 2020. Please do not leave this to the last minute, as we will start working with your own charts right from the get-go. Should you not know your exact birth-time, a rectification is required before your correct chart can be emailed to you. Please What’s app me on 0827757423 after you have mailed your details to cor@corastology.co.za. I will confirm receipt by sending you the above-mentioned chart and workbook. 

    24;31 August; 7;14;21 September; 5;19 October | 5:30-7:30pm


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    Corinna Botoulas is a Horticulture graduate and has her own landscaping business. Parallel to this, she runs a healing practice. A graduate of Astrology and a Soul Collage® Facilitator, her passion lies in empowering people to discover 'their inner soul-full selves' and to awaken them to their life's potential.