Transition Online For Women: Would you like to transition beyond current challenges into a better place than you were before?

Teacher: Monique Beekman
Cost: Donation directly to Monique
Dates: Saturday 14 November 2020 - Sunday 20 December 2020

(maximum 10 participants)

“ If you bring forth that which is within you, what you bring forth, will save you...."
If you do not bring forth that which is within you.... What you do not bring forth, will destroy you”....

Have you been feeling lost, blocked or stuck?

Transition Online is designed to support you through the effects of the emotional and mental challenges you have experienced during 2020 in a way that resolves even age old trauma and transforms not only your present, but also your future...
'To have what you do not yet have, you have to go where you have not yet been. There is no other way!'
With this in mind, we are thrilled to bring you Transition Online to deeply and profoundly resolve relevant and related issues...

Part 1: Saturday 14, 21, 28 November
(a) Register for Session A: 7-8.30/9am 

OR on the same dates

(b) Register for Session B: 10-11.30/12

Part 2 & 3: Sat & Sun 5, 6, 12, 13, 19, 20 December

(a) Register for Session A: 7-8.30/9am 

OR on the same dates

(b) Register for Session B: 10-11.30/12

Registrants please note:

To be part of this workshop: 

  1. AFTER registration please immediately email Monique at  to confirm your attendance.
  2. And she will send you the prep video
  3. Also send her your WhatsApp number for important posts that only get posted in the group chat. Send your whatsapp number immediately please, so you can be added to the confirmed list for the group which is opened a few days before the workshop begins.
  4. Please be on time for the sessions and turn on video & audio as this is an interactive experience and won't be recorded.
  5. Have fun in this deeply transformational experience!

Clear your energy field, mind and emotions & move into 2021 with renewed clarity, purpose & enthusiasm for life.

Please make payments to http://paypal.me/MoniqueSky1

Or EFT to:
Account holder: Monique Beekmann
Institutions name: Nedbank 
Branch code:196005
Account type: Current/Cheque
Account number: 112 435 3240

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Monique's love of facilitating groups to a place of inner well-being, began with teaching Reiki over 20 years ago. She trained Reiki Masters in JHB, KZN, the Cape, Gauteng and the Netherlands. Aside from her studies since then, and her experience and evolution over 27 years as an Ethno-psychologist, continuous self-development also forms a very important part of the foundation of her skills and abilities. This combination enables her to relate to your journey in a very real way, and as an Empath, to effectively & empathetically support you on your journey.