Sangha Projects News - July 2012

It gives me a thrill to meet people at the Centre who have been coming regularly for the last 25 years or so. On average half the people attending our workshops are newcomers, the rest “old-timers".  We reckon that this is a healthy sign.  It shows that the Centre adapts to a society in transition. This explains the support it enjoys from those who value it as their spiritual home. 

When Gary and Simone, our new members of staff, were visited by their parents, Chris and Wilma Brent and Neil and Sharon Hiebner, they came laden with computer and printer equipment.  For good measure, Gary and Simone themselves donated a new food processor.  Often, the gifts take the most delightful, unexpected twists: Trish and Ronald Board made two exquisite stained glass windows to fit into the openings of the shine room in the Zen garden. They represent the Ixopo BRC hills “that are lovely beyond any singing of it” - as Alan Paton described them so movingly in his book: “Cry the Beloved Country”.

The new roof over the Lodge was completed, thanks to all those who supported the Buddhaboma project. Thank you again!  As soon as it was finished, the roof was severely tested by an almighty downpour, which it withstood magnificently.  The Lodge is now dry and we are busy renovating the rooms.  We thank Anna van Esh, Otilia Faria, Babsie Bambus, Roy Silver, Anagret Rood and Ian Chambler for having started a kitty to meet the cost of these renovations, which involves refurbishing the windows, new carpets, curtains and bed linen and lots of other things.  If you have some spare cash, please help us to fill up our kitty to expedite this follow-up project – otherwise it may take forever…. Louise Pallet and Mary Botha donated books on Buddhism for our library, which is expertly maintained by Ans van de Walt. Whenever Kushy Ramjathan visits she brings vegetables, flowers and spices and cooks a most divine breyani for our guests.  Analise Bos brought bags of Macadamia nuts. 

Patricia Usher changed residence and donated her surplus furniture.  Angela Buckland, Tomas Campher, Desiree Metz, Andrew Brown and Peter Kloppers keep being inspired by the BRC scenery and generously donated their pictures.  Another photographer, Catherine Anderson, gave us her beautiful cards and books for our shop. Tomas brought indigenous trees which were planted in our Deer Forest during his Stalking the Light retreat.  John Bulteel helped us when we needed a new brush cutter and lawnmower and other garden tools.   Helene and Gerrit Viljoen donated vegetable seedlings. 

There are too many Sangha Friends, Monthly Donors and Paid-up Yogis to thank here individually, but please consider how you too can become such a benefactor of the BRC. 

Thank you – everybody!