Sangha Projects News - Dec 2012

It really feels good to know that you are one of those for whom the BRC has become a major spiritual focus and to which you feel closely connected. It is vindication of a belief and a vision Louis had some 40  years ago when those three hills in Ixopo were first acquired for retreat purposes – long before there was anyone interested in the dhamma in South Africa – let alone in meditation practice!

Thank you for your very generous donations to the BRC over many years. Sangha Friends have made it possible to build four additional en-suite rooms, the Quarters, and increase the size of the office and shop to the wonderful facility it is. They have also made it possible to bring about some wonderful improvements to the Centre such as the new teahouse extension to the Studio, leading out into our beautiful Zen Garden, allowing the Studio to be restored to its original oval shape, uncluttered and open for more spacious weekends of Yoga and Ch’i Kung. The Lodge rooms have been painted and refurbished with new pictures, mirrors, reading lamps, towels, duvet covers and pillows and floor rugs, while room 20 has been converted to a stylish ensuite, with a little lounge and deck overlooking the wetlands.

We were able to complete the Labyrinth and landscape it beautifully, with benches and chimes to finesse it, and, with the extension and upgrade of our kitchen, the food cooked by our wonderful chefs is even more scrumptious. The old Woza Moya cottage was converted into 2 charming units, and, the thatched Chalets, designed by Louis, were completed, with a gravel and aloe garden.

The Deer Park, opposite the vegetable garden, was transformed into a pathed forest with meditation benches among the indigenous trees for quiet sitting, with two bamboo tora beautifully constructed at the entrances to the forest. June has also created a small rocky area with water, indigenous grasses and a mineral lick to attract the deer and porcupine into the park. 200 indigenous trees were donated, and avenues of Cussonia were planted to encourage the butterflies. The second half of our vegetable garden was enclosed, to keep the veggies in, and the monkeys out, and the Zen garden was upgraded with gravel paths and bridges, and an aesthetic, woven bamboo screen at the sand garden.

We are dry, at last, with the installation of the new roof to the Lodge, and the foyer has had a facelift.  Our next project is to raise funds to build a staff/change room for our local staff who maintain our gardens and paths so beautifully, and who prepare the meals with such love and care.  We feel they deserve that!

Thank you for making all this possible.  With Metta