Friday 08 January 2021
  • Time To Focus And Tune Into 2021: Gently kickstart the new year with an ashram-style retreat offering qigong (chi kung), hatha yoga, chanting and meditation and healing therapies

    Teacher: Alex Lister-James and Colin Kemery and Deborah Don and Jeremy Lister-James and Marc Kress
    Cost: 2 days accommodation + R200 surcharge

    alex lister jamescolin kemerydeborah donjeremy lister jamesmarc kressIt is difficult to make decisions about important issues in your life when you are immersed in them. You need some distance from them, physically and psychologically to see them clearly for what they are. Only then, can you gain a fresh perspective on them. So, if you feel you need a gentle, uncluttered space to tune into what lies ahead for you in 2021, this largely unstructured weekend will prove useful. Experience sunrise qigong (chi kung), gentle hatha yoga sessions and evening chanting and meditation. The Centre is yours to enjoy, walking or bird-watching in three hundred acres of rolling hills and indigenous forests. Circumambulate the labyrinth and stupa, meditate in the Zen garden or in the Buddha Boma, and spend solitary time in the deer park and at the dam or listen to the wind-chimes. Deborah Don, a qualified Self-Esteem Coach and massage therapist, will be offering healing therapies by appointment. The BRC provides an ideal opportunity to be in a sympathetic space to reflect on the things that crowd one’s life and to experience what it is like to "just be".

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    Alex Lister-James initially studied the Yang Form of tai chi as a form of “moving meditation” before incorporating qigong (chi kung) in her practice, together with sitting and walking meditation. She has attended retreats at the Buddhist Retreat Centre for 30 years. In her professional life, Alex is a Health Professional in private practice, focusing on the health of women and children.

    Colin Kemery has conducted his popular sunrise chi kung sessions at the BRC for 8 years. He is a resident member of the BRC and the Estate Manager, and has been a Buddhist and yoga practitioner for 41 years. He lived and worked in the UK, France, Denmark and the USA, and is a musician and song-writer, with a passion for cooking and nutrition. He and Shadow, the BRC kitty, are inseparable.

    Deborah Don a qualified Self-Esteem Coach, and massage therapist, has been involved in the Health, the Easter and New Year retreats offered at the BRC over the last four years. She offers aromatherapy, energy balance and sound therapy, self-steem coaching and foot, back and neck healing therapies.

    Jeremy Lister-James has been involved in the sustainability sphere for the last 15 years. His vision is the possibility of a world in which humans and other life will flourish on earth forever. He strives to do no harm, rather than less harm, starting with a range of reflective practices aimed at flourishing. These foster an individual awareness of connectedness and the need for caring - for self, others and the world. One such practice is tai chi-qigong (chi kung).

    Marc Kress is a yoga teacher and percussionist living in Durban. He was attracted to the yoga path while travelling through India in 2003: “I discovered a path of self-practice and discipline that fulfils my desire to grow on a spiritual level by working with the body and mind”. He has been practising and studying in India and South Africa with various teachers in different styles of yoga, including Hatha, Vinyāsa, Astanga, Iyengar and Sivananda.

  • Transition Online For Women: Would you like to transition beyond current challenges into a better place than you were before?

    Teacher: Monique Beekman
    Cost: R4,500 directly to Monique

    (maximum 5 participants)

    Cost: R4,500 directly to Monique
    2 hours | 2 January | 10:30- 12:30pm | Register

    2 hours | 3-10 January | 7:00-9:00pm | Register

    If you bring forth that which is within you, what you bring forth, will save you....
    If you do not bring forth that which is within you....What you do not bring forth, will destroy you....

    Have you been feeling lost, blocked or stuck?

    Transition online is designed to support you through the effects of the emotional and mental challenges you have experienced during 2020 in a way that resolves even age old trauma and transforms not only your present, but also your future.

    To have what you do not yet have, you have to go where you have not been. There is no other way.

    With this in mind, we are thrilled to bring you Transition Online to deeply and profoundly resolve relevant and related issues.

    Please make payments to http://paypal.me/MoniqueSky1

    Or EFT to:

    ACCOUNT HOLDER: Monique Beekmann

    Institutions name: NEDBANK

    BRANCH code:196005

    Account type is CURRENT/CHEQUE

    Account Number: 112 435 3240


    To confirm your place

    1. AFTER registration please immediately email Monique @ to ensure there is still space.

    2. Arrange payment

    3. Email your WhatsApp number for important posts that only get posted in the WhatsApp group chat.


    Please be on time for the sessions and turn on video & audio as this is an interactive experience and won't be recorded.

    Have fun in this deeply transformational experience!

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    Monique's love of facilitating groups to a place of inner well-being, began with teaching Reiki over 20 years ago. She trained Reiki Masters in JHB, KZN, the Cape, Gauteng and the Netherlands. Aside from her studies since then, and her experience and evolution over 27 years as an Ethno-psychologist, continuous self-development also forms a very important part of the foundation of her skills and abilities. This combination enables her to relate to your journey in a very real way, and as an Empath, to effectively & empathetically support you on your journey.