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Step Into Spring With a Personal Self Retreat and Reiki

Teacher: Self retreat with reiki with Fiona Robinson
Cost: 2 days accommodation
Dates: Friday 15 October 2021 - Sunday 17 October 2021

fiona robinsonTreat yourself to a personal retreat where you can wake up to bird song, walk in the morning mist, rake the sand garden, listen to the wind chimes and meditate in garden of the bamboo grove. Fiona Robinson will be offering healing Reiki sessions over the weekend by appointment. Apart from spending some time in quiet reflection among like-minded, reiki will help to recalibrate one’s life.

Reiki is an energy modality that works on the premise that the body can heal itself, but often just needs a “nudge” to remind it how to do this. It is the art and science of assisting in the restoration of well-being at all levels of a person’s being, irrespective of where imbalance has manifested. Fiona Robinson will be offering reiki sessions by appointment.

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Fiona Robinson is a doctor and Reiki Master. She completed the BodyTalk course in 2013, followed by Reiki Levels I, 2 and 3.