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Working With The Elements: Enquiry Into Ourselves And The World Around Us Through A Deeper Understanding Of Our Environment

Teacher: Pippa Cope
Cost: 3 days accommodation + R350 surcharge
Dates: Sunday 21 August 2022 - Wednesday 24 August 2022

pippa copeThe five elements provide a very dynamic system of understanding life. They make up the world around us and are in all living organisms, only the proportions differ.When the elements are in balance there is balance and harmony, when they are out of balance there is disharmony and dis-ease.The balance is constantly changing within and around us. To help us learn how to work with this ever-changing balance of the elements in a positive way, we have to first get to know them. In this retreat we will use the Tibetan schemata of the five elements - earth, water, fire, air and space. We will explore and get to know them in a practical way. We will examine and become familiar with the characteristics and qualities of each, and observe their interaction. At the same time we learn to observe our mind/body states in relation to the elements. The retreat will include guided relations, gentle stretching and creative work around each element, including painting and working with clay. Please wear loose comfortable clothing.

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Pippa Cope has been involved with the Tara Rokpa Therapy Process, Healing Relaxation, a creative fusion of Tibetan and western Wisdom, since 1997, and was authorised to practise as a senior helper in South Africa. Having worked in the caring, therapeutic and development fields in the UK, Zimbabwe and Sri lanka, she is currently the resident manager of the Tara Rokpa Centre, Groot Marico.