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Happiness, Health And Healing Therapies

Teacher: Sonja Dyason
Cost: Accommodation per night + Treatment
Dates: Monday 09 August 2021 - Thursday 19 August 2021

sonja dyasonFor Women's Month, find happiness, health and healing at the BRC and enjoy a variety of holistic, intuitive and nurturing massages on offer by Sonja, who with her healing touch can assist in restoring and maintaining your body's natural equilibrium. She will be in situ for 10 days. People often yearn for an opportunity to recalibrate their lives and to spend some time in quiet reflection among like-minded people. Treat yourself to a personal retreat with healing therapies; wake up to bird song, walk in the labyrinth, listen to the wind chimes and meditate in the Zen garden.

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Sonja Dyason has always been interested in the healing arts that Eastern medicine offers for a holistic health approach to wellness. She has been practising Therapeutic Reflexology as well as Deep Tissue Massage for 24 years, locally as well as abroad and has qualifications in Aromatherapy, Hypnotherapy and Journey Therapy.