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Stand Like A Tree To Power Up Your Chi

Teacher: Paul Dorrian
Cost: 3 days accommodation + R200 surcharge
Dates: Tuesday 12 October 2021 - Friday 15 October 2021

 paul dorrianZhan Zhuang (‘Standing like a Tree’) qigong is unlike most other qigong styles, in that with the exception of changing from one static posture to the next, the practitioner remains absolutely still. Regarded by many contemporary Masters as the most powerful of all qigong practices, it opens all of the nine energy portals in the body, and encourages one’s chi (life force) to flow powerfully throughout one’s entire being. In this retreat Paul will teach the Four Posture Zhan Zhuang Form, which assists in developing a strong physical structure as well as creating a greater supply of healing chi to promote health and vitality. To complement Zhan Zhuang, he will also teach a bouquet of ancient Taoist qigong healing meditations, designed to cleanse and heal the key organs of the body, promote inner peace and tranquillity, expand one’s spiritual awareness, and develop a glowing aura of protection and health.

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Paul Dorrian is a former international management consultant, author and speaker. His interest in improving employee wellness in the work place led him to teach qigong and tai chi Chuan. Paul has studied these disciplines under various teachers in the UK and Spain, and with the late Master Dr Nico Snyman, his current teacher Master Marleen Bilas and with his Grandmaster Dr Lin Feng-Chao. He currently teaches tai chi Chuan in the Yang style and qigong in the Pa Tuan Chin, Healing Sounds and Zhan Zhuang styles at his school, the Lin Li School of tai chi chuan, and with private students in Pietermaritzburg.