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Release, Relax And Restore - With Yoga

Teacher: Margot McMaster
Cost: 2 day's accommodation + R150 surcharge
Dates: Friday 20 November 2020 - Sunday 22 November 2020

margot mcmasterGiven the current stresses and strains, we will turn to the ancient practice of yoga and use this as a base to journey through our subtle chakra system in the search for release, reassurance and vitality.

Using yin yoga, kundalini yoga, trauma release and vinyasa flow, we will slowly unlock, unblock, re-energise and re-connect to each one of these energy centres in our body. The retreat will begin with a Chakra CheckTM so you can discover where you are currently blocked, locked or limited and you will learn techniques to help you shift back to strength, vitality and serenity.

We will work in sequence to unlock and expand and we will explore postures with a focus on the vegus nerve and the parasympathetic nervous system to assist and support us from the inside-out in these trying times.

This retreat is centred around releasing, relaxing and restoring our bodies, our minds and our energy, and is suitable for everyone.

Please bring a mat, water bottle, long socks and two blankets (not duvets.) Also - if you have - please bring two blocks, bolsters, straps and two tennis balls

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Margot McMaster holds both Vinyāsa Flow and Kundalini Yoga teacher certificates. She was guided by Mercedes Sieff, Shiva Rea, Guru Dharam and Darryl O’Kieffe, among others. She worked as the in-house yoga instructor at  BBC Worldwide in London for four years, where she taught in its studios, as well as in Costa Rica, India and Sri Lanka. She currently lives and teaches in Nottingham Road, KZN, where she integrates meditation, pranayama, mantra and Heart yoga into her practice.