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Yinsight Yoga: Yin Yoga And Mindfulness Meditation

Teacher: Despina Forbes
Cost: 2 days accommodation + R200 surcharge
Dates: Friday 08 October 2021 - Sunday 10 October 2021

despina forbesYin yoga and meditation can be experienced as a practice of cultivating well-being. Combining the practices of Yin yoga and mindfulness meditation creates powerful possibilities for insight, transformation and healing on all layers of being - body, mind, and heart. Yin yoga combines aspects of Hatha yoga, the concept of the modern meridian theory in Chinese medicine, Taoism and mindfulness meditation practice. It is designed to improve the flow of chi/prana (the vital energy of the body) through the energetic channels (or meridians) to improve overall emotional well-being, joint mobility, immunity and organ health. Yin yoga supports a quiet, slow, nourishing and grounded practice. When we cultivate the skill of awareness during meditation with an attitude of kind curiosity and notice the experience for what it is, we can pause, acknowledge and respond in an appropriate way. Cultivating the skill of awareness opens us to possibility, conscious choice and space to create paths for growth, insight and joy.

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Despina Forbes has been guided by the principles of karuna (compassion), maitri (friendship), ahimsa (non-harm) and satya (truthfulness) to name a few. In facilitating well-being, she draws from nature, mindfulness or heartfulness, psychology, yoga, neuroscience and soundwork as modalities for cultivating healthy change. She is a psychologist, mindfulness and yoga practitioner in Durban North and KwaZulu Natal, and is interested in cultivating sustainable well-being in youth and adults, embracing the wonder and mystery of this human experience. She is a trained MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction) programme practitioner and has trained and practised internationally, attended mindfulness trainings and programmes with the Oxford Mindfulness Centre, the Centre for Mindfulness and Research in Bangor and The Mindfulness In Schools project, UK. She teaches mindfulness based programmes to children and teens in school as well as adults. She undertook the 200-hour Yoga teacher training under the guidance of Christine Withiel at Jivananda Centre For Well-Being in 2016 and furthered her 300-hour training with Yogrishi Vishvekthu, Akhanda Yoga in Rishikesh, India, in 2019.