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Grounded In Space: Qigong (online)

Teacher: Alex de la Rouviere and Jeremy Lister-James
Cost: Donation to support the BRC during the COVID-19 lockdown
Dates: Sunday 17 May 2020 - Sunday 17 May 2020

alex lister jamesjeremy lister jamesWith gentle movements and focused mind, we will teach a short sequence of yang-style tai chi, complemented with simple qigong (chi kung) exercises and movement-within-stillness meditation. Tai chi has been described as “learning to move with the wind and water in the course of everyday life”.

Time: 10:00 - 11:00 am

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Jeremy Lister-James has been involved in the sustainability sphere for the last 15 years. His vision is the possibility of a world in which humans and other life will flourish on Earth forever. He strives to do no harm, rather than less harm, starting with a range of reflective practices aimed at flourishing. These foster an individual awareness of connectedness and the need for caring - for self, others and the world. One such practice is tai chi-chi kung.

Alex Lister-James initially studied the Yang Form of tai chi as a form of “moving meditation” before incorporating chi kung in her practice, together with sitting and walking meditation. She has attended retreats at the Buddhist Retreat Centre for 30 years. In her professional life, Alex is a Health Professional in private practice, focusing on the health of women and children.