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Dharma Circle - Mid-Week Meditation: How to remain calm and clear in everything we say and do: The practice of Sati

Teacher: June Atkinson
Cost: 2 days accommodation
Dates: Monday 06 July 2020 - Wednesday 08 July 2020

Visitors to the BRC often like to experience the practice of Mindfulness Meditation (Sati), which is the kernel of the entire spectrum of the teachings of the Buddha. Sati equips us with the capacity to deal calmly and effectively with the many challenging circumstances that inevitably come our way in life. As we all know - often to our cost - when the mind is unsettled and distraught, we tend to make decisions and say and do things we often regret later, when the mind has calmed down and when we are able to reflect on them. Sati, therefore, corrects this tendency for the mind to become overwhelmed by negative emotions and enables us to find a space of mental stillness and clarity. Meditation and qigong (chi kung) will be offered, and a chance to simply be present from one moment to the next in the tranquil surroundings of the BRC.

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June Atkinson has been a resident member of staff for thirty-eight years at the BRC.  An ardent meditator, she has offered meditation instruction and Vipassana support at the Centre for many years.