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From Fear To Fundamental Well-Being

Teacher: Albert St Mammes Osel
Cost: 3 days accommodation + R350 surcharge
Dates: Friday 18 March 2022 - Monday 21 March 2022

albert st mammes oselKenshō Therapy is a comprehensive, acceptance-based approach to healing the nervous system and easily accessing the part of the mind that is naturally blissful, clear and spacious. This goes beyond simply managing your anxiety or neuroses. It starts by working on the chronic contractions in the body through physical methods like neurogenic tremoring and Myoga. A specific type of yoga nidra then forms the bridge from body to mind, expanding into an easy process of meditative inquiry.Kenshō Therapy is informed by Western perspectives in transpersonal psychology, neuroscience and trauma healing, as well as the Eastern traditions of Advaita, Dzogchen/Mahamudra and Zen.

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Albert St Mammes Osel travelled the world to learn the best methods for subduing the stress response, after he recovered from debilitating anxiety himself.  A former novice monk, he now runs workshops for people struggling with severe anxiety, and facilitates mindfulness programs in the corporate environment. As a member of Harvard's Langer Mindfulness Institute he has taken his workshops to an international audience. His book, Angel of Fear, was published in 2016.