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The Sacred Feminine : Empowering The Feminine With Yoga, Meditation And Your Astrological Moon

Teacher: Margarita Celeste and Sandra Hedges
Cost: 2 days accommodation + R450 surcharge
Dates: Friday 13 October 2023 - Sunday 15 October 2023

margarita celestesandra hedgesIn this empowering weekend for women, gentle Yin-style yoga will be offered as an invitation to expand, open and release tightly-held emotions and stress, focusing on the hips and heart. Evening "Moon" themed meditations will help participants to get in touch with this powerful Lunar Body to connect with your inner Feminine. Included will be talks on the Astrological Moon which will help women to navigate their emotional styles, and that of others. Body and Mind will be nourished over a weekend that promises to be nurturing for women - mothers and daughters, sisters and best friends - in a moment by moment openness to each other and to the beautiful, tranquil surroundings of the BRC.

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Margarita Celeste was intuitively drawn to the starry skies from a young age. In 2013, she enrolled for Rod Suskin's three-year Diploma course, receiving a scholarship for her final year, after which she studied formally with the School of Intuition and Healing. Her passion is to help and guide others towards a more conscious state of being. She has a deep interest in alternative healing such as reiki, crystal therapy, kinesiology, chakra balance, tachyon healing and life alignment.

Sandra Hedges teaches restorative yoga and meditation. She is a complementary health therapist qualified in complementary therapies, such as Holistic Aromatherapy, Shiatsu (Japanese Acupressure Massage), Iridology, Hypnotherapy, Regression Therapy, Basic Nutrition and Counselling, Herbalism, Energy Kinesiology, Reiki (Masters), Life Coaching and Hatha Yoga.. Her approach to healing is holistic, leading to overall wellness, joy and fulfilment in life.