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Freedom Through Somatic Practices: A 5-day transformational retreat of somasensing™, intuitive yoga, nature and wholefoods

Teacher: Yasmin Lambat and Nicholas Luqmaan McLean
Cost: 5 days accommodation
Dates: Sunday 23 February 2020 - Friday 28 February 2020

yasmin lambetnicolas mcleanThis will be an immersion into holistic practices that help to awaken more of your potential. You are born with a self-regulating blueprint - an ability to heal ourselves. SomaSensing movement therapies tap into that blueprint in order to restore well-being. Come and explore the wisdom that is innate in your nervous system and why we get inflammation, and learn about interoception as your 'sixthsense'. Psychoneuroimmunology reveals that disease and who we are depends on our experiences and habitual conditioning. Somatic practices help to shift embodied patterns and habits. This is especially good for anyone with pain or inflammation who is ready to take healing into their own hands. You will get to move the way nature intended, eat an anti-inflammatory diet, and maybe even feel a profound sense of oneness. Contact Nicholas for the cost of the course: 0824379776 or email: . www.somasensing.org / www.guthealthyogi.com

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Yasmin Lambat is the founder of SomaSensing™ and a somatic trauma-informed therapist. She is a registered Somatic Movement Educator (RSME), based in the UK. Placing the body at the heart of healing has become her calling. Her early experience with the body began with a “nuts and bolts” approach to her own chronic pain. She first explored a mechanical approach, focusing on postural alignment, core strengthening exercises and yoga for flexibility until she was introduced to Feldenkrais and other somatic practices. Since then she has spent the last 15 years in somatic exploration to find the missing link between pain and emotion: the body/mind connection - what makes us whole - using motion to heal motion.

Nicholas Luqmaan McLean is a somatic movement therapist and holistic health coach based in Hermanus and Cape Town. With a yoga and science background and a meditator since the age of 18, he is dedicated to help people find inner freedom. Following a few life-changing breakthroughs, he came across SomaSensing and discovered how soma and a sense of self is the key practice to awaken our potential to self-regulate and shift us out of the habit of being on autopilot. His holistic gut healing programs involve eating wholefoods, somatic movement therapy and mindfulness in order to reduce stress, relieve pain and restore well-being.