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Spring Writing Retreat. Let your inspiration flow and renew your writing impetus with nature’s most creative show

Teacher: Elana Bregin
Cost: 2 days' accommodation + cost of workshop
Dates: Tuesday 29 October 2019 - Thursday 31 October 2019

elana breginThis 3-day mid-week writing retreat is an invitation to steep yourself in the joyous energy of nature’s loveliest season, and get to grips with the writing you have been wanting to do. Amid the Spring abundance of flowers, birdsong, bee dreams and gorgeous views, we will begin the dance with inspiration that all good writing entails. There will be scenic walks, starlight talks, sensory sitting and other activities that feed the creative spirit in us, as well as practical guidance on what goes into good writing, how to craft and shape your story, and other useful insights. Whether your intention is a novel, memoir, short story or simply to renew your creative fire, the retreat will offer you the time, space and creative support to accomplish your writing goal. Contact Elana for the cost of the course: or 0714930791

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Elana Bregin is a seasoned author, editor and creative-workshop facilitator whose creative output includes both fiction and non-fiction novels, short stories, radio drama and more. She has been dancing with words since she first learnt how to write them and had her first piece, a poem, published at the age of 8. In her 11 years of working as a publishing-house editor she accompanied many authors - both novice and experienced - on the journey to published success and gained valuable coaching expertise. Her own writing journey through the years has given her insight into the intimate processes of story-writing and its ability to reconnect us with both personal meaning and the wider currents of life in which we are embedded. She has been a BRC attendee for many years and has been privileged to be part of a number of enlightening and enriching retreats.