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Rainbow Salads And Sunshine Bowls: Adopting a wholesome plant-based lifestyle

Teacher: Debbie Rich, Sascha Türk, Nishalin Pillay and Vaneshran Arumugam
Cost: 2 days accommodation + R350 surcharge
Dates: Friday 04 February 2022 - Sunday 06 February 2022

debbie rich 2021sascha turknishalan pillayvaneshran arumugamFollowing on the success of their first 'vegan venture', Debbie and Sascha are offering an updated version. We are all in need of paying close attention to our health. This retreat is ideal for those who want to make the change-over to a plant-based, wholesome and healthy lifestyle. Learn how to make nutritious superfood smoothie bowls which are decorated creatively and bursting with fruit flavour; create your own "Buddha" bowls, sunshine and rainbow salads, ultimate dressings and simple soups rich with flavour, as well as mouth-watering vegan burgers, falafels and vegan healthy-guilt-free chocolate. If you want to learn about wholefoods and veganism, this is an opportunity to find the 'creative foodie' in you. Included in this retreat will be sunrise yoga and meditation as well as pilates, the yin-yang of health, where "belly strengthening is a perfect balance to belly-nourishing". A "sound bath" meditative experience will be offered using healing instuments such as gongs, singing bowls, percussion, chimes, rattles, tuning forks and chanting.

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Debbie Rich who founded Out To Lunch And Wholesome Cafe is not your average vegan. The energetic proponent for healthy living is passionate about plant-based food and living a wholesome life. Her purpose is to help those who want to make the change-over to a vegan lifestyle to do so wisely. She creates art on a plate with every meal and loves to share her recipes and ideas.

Sascha Türk is a Pilates and Yoga teacher. She is a third generation classically trained Pilates teacher in the New York Method and has been teaching Pilates since 2005 from her studio in Durban North. She attained her Introductory Level certificate for Iyengar yoga in 2019. Her love for movement, health, and keen interest in the human body has taken her on a journey towards health and harmony.

Nishalin Pillay and Vaneshran Arumugam are multi-talented musicians who will create a mercurial sound to enhance your meditative journey. Nishalin, a percussionist and tabla ambassador, has played devotionally in ashrams and Vaneshram's voice comes out of a lauded career as a master performer and storyteller.