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Time To Reminisce, Reflect and Refocus: Gently kickstart the new year with an ashram-style retreat offering sunrise chi kung, yoga, walks, chanting, meditation and healing therapies

Teacher: Colin Kemery, Bruce van Dongen, Deborah Don and Kerri Martinaglia
Cost: 2 day's accommodation + R200 surcharge
Dates: Friday 03 January 2020 - Sunday 05 January 2020

colin kemerybruce van dongendeborah donkerri martinagliaIt is difficult to make decisions about important issues in your life when you are immersed in them. You need some distance from them, physically and psychologically - to see them clearly for what they are. Only then, can you gain a fresh perspective on them. So, if you feel like you need a gentle, uncluttered space to tune into what lies ahead in 2020, this largely unstructured weekend will prove useful. Experience sunrise chi kung, yoga and evening chanting as well as a gong session for healing relaxation. The centre is yours to enjoy, walking or birdwatching in three hundred acres of rolling hills and indigenous forests. Circumambulate the labyrinth and stupa, meditate in the Zen garden or in the Buddha Boma, and spend solitary time in the deer park and at the dam stalking the light or listening to the windchimes and gazing at clouds. The BRC provides an ideal opportunity to be in a sympathetic space to reflect on the things that crowd one’s life: to just be. Deborah Don, a qualified Self-esteem Coach, and massage therapist, will be offering healing treatments by appointment, and Adamas Incendia , author of Buddha Brats: A Modern Tale Of Enlightenment,  and a Dzogchen  Buddhist Practitioner of 20 years, will give a talk on the first evening: Healing Negative Behavioural Patterns.

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Colin Kemery has conducted his popular sunrise chi kung sessions at the BRC for 7 years. He is currently the Estate Manager at the BRC, and has been a Buddhist and yoga practitioner for 40 years. He lived and worked in the UK, France, Denmark and the USA, and is a musician and song-writer, with a passion for cooking and nutrition.

Bruce van Dongen is a mechanical engineer. He has been practising yoga for many years and is a qualified  teacher  in the Hatha and Kundalini disciplines. He is a Director of The Waterfall Retreat and Environmental Centre and uses both nature and yoga as his soothing systems to balance the pressures of the corporate world.

Deborah Don, a qualified Self-esteem Coach, and massage therapist, has been involved in the Health and the Easter and New Year retreats offered at the BRC over the last three years.

Kerri Martinaglia Kerri Martinaglia runs The Waterfall Retreat and Environmental Centre. In 2009 she began facilitating Mindfulness Africa courses in KwaZulu Natal. Her special interests are how the practices of Yoga, Mindfulness and Compassion can help restore our balance and enable us to live more meaningful lives.