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Eyes Horizontal, Nose Vertical: A weekend of meditation practice

Teacher: Stephen Coan
Cost: 2 day's accommodation + R250 surcharge
Dates: Friday 08 November 2019 - Sunday 10 November 2019

stephen coanOn returning from an extended pilgrimage to China, the 14th century Japanese Zen master, Dogen, greeted his followers with these words: I have returned home with empty hands... I say only this: my eyes are horizontal, my nose vertical - their position in meditation. Thereafter Dogen spent the rest of his life teaching the merits of zazen (sitting meditation), the practice which lies at the very heart of the Buddhist experience. Simply being attentive, moment to moment, can have profound consequences: reconnecting us with our deepest selves, to others and the natural world around us. Experience this intimate connection supported by a programme of sitting and walking meditation. There will also be time to enjoy the beautiful grounds of the Centre. Please note that apart from an introductory talk and a discussion period, the retreat will be held in Noble Silence.

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Stephen Coan has been involved with Buddhism for three decades. Inspired and informed by the Theravada and Zen Buddhist traditions, his retreats place an emphasis on the centrality of practice in living a skilful and enlightened life while also exploring the interface between poetry and silence and the profound benefits of doing nothing, seriously. In addition, Stephen draws on his own life experience of moving between being and doing as a film and theatre director, writer, journalist, and poet. His collection of poems Chant of the Doves (2008), inspired by time spent at the Buddhist Retreat Centre over the years, is featured in A Literary Guide to Kwazulu-Natal (2017).