Mindful Body - Embodied Mind: Body Sense Alexander Technique and mindful movement

Teacher: Marguerite van der Merwe
Cost: 2 day's accommodation + R250 surcharge
Dates: Friday 11 October 2019 - Sunday 13 October 2019

marguerite van der merweCultivating the practice of Mindful Body-Embodied Mind in daily activity, we will take each step, each activity with conscious awareness and impeccable attention. Through a combination of Body Sense Alexander Technique and mindful movement - gentle tai chi-chi kung and conscious walking - we will restore a state of ease in body and mind. The practise of Alexander Technique in an environment of attentive-relaxation offers a means to enhance and maintain our co-ordination, composure and effortless mobility. Come and walk the path to health and well-being. There will be periods of stillness and time for reflection.

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Marguerite van der Merwe teaches The Alexander Technique and tai chi-chi kung. She is the author of The Art of WalkingandEve-olution. Concerned with the development and enrichment of the whole individual, she combines scientific, psychological and spiritual insights in her teachings dealing with the integration of mind and body. In 2016 she was awarded the University of the Free State Chancellor's Medal for exceptional service for her work in establishing The Alexander Technique in South Africa. This technique is a practical, visionary and educational method which teaches essential life-skills. She is the sister of Antony Osler.