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Compassionate Communication: Listening with your whole being. Speaking from your deepest authenticity

Teacher: Nicholas Burnand
Cost: 3 day's accommodation + R350 surcharge
Dates: Friday 02 August 2019 - Monday 05 August 2019

nicholas burnand

We are inviting you on a journey of direct experiencing, sensing and being - witnessing the mystery of existence reveal itself through the Dyad enquiry practice (meditation in pairs). The mindful awareness of a practice partner increases the ability to stay present and in the moment. Allowing the inquiry to go deeper and for moment to moment awareness to be sustained for longer. Many people who struggle with staying focused during conventional meditation practice, have experienced unbroken awareness for periods of 5 minutes and more when doing the Dyad practice. It is not only a method to strengthen awareness, but also to deepen interpersonal connection, and enjoy more loving compassionate relationships. In this retreat individual and group processes will be alternated with periods of individual reflection and quiet contemplation. Click here to view a clip of a similar retreat conducted in Cape Town.

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Nicholas Burnand lives in Belgium, where he is a certified Nonviolent communication trainer and trauma therapist. His journey has taken him to remote places, spending hundreds of days in retreats, ceremonies, and workshops around the world. He is focused on creating safe spaces which foster transformation and awakening. Along with Nonviolent Communication, Qi gong and meditation he has found the Dyad method to be a deeply transformative practice. Through it he has discovered that empathy and authentic self-expression are a path to freedom from suffering - as the Buddha did 25 centuries before him.