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Authentic Ayurveda and Yoga - Explore alignment of body, mind and soul through mindful cooking and yoga

Teacher: Nalini
Cost: 2 days’ accommodation + R250 surcharge
Dates: Friday 30 August 2019 - Sunday 01 September 2019

nalini2017Enjoy the revitalising and rejuvenating effects of both hatha and restorative yoga sessions over this retreat. Yoga offers us a nurturing space where we can heal and balance our physical, mental and emotional selves more effectively, as well as develop strength, stability and flexibility.  Both hatha and restorative yoga offer overall support and healing to the nervous, lymphatic, hormonal, cardio thoracic, digestive and immune systems which brings you back into harmony with your body’s natural rhythms. Through asana (posture), and pranayama (breathing), we learn to become more mindful in our lives. You will also  learn the art of preparing a dosha-balancing meal that will take you from the cool days of winter into spring.  Be your own healer by learning how to incorporate the therapeutic properties of food, herbs and spices into your daily routine  to detoxify your body and enjoy optimal health.

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Nalini’s profound love for all forms of yoga started at an early age, and has motivated her throughout the years on her spiritual journey. Inspired by Guruji Iyengar's teachings, she believes that by connecting deeply with your breath and body, you connect  with the inner essence of who you truly are. She is passionate about women’s health, as well as maintaining balance and well-being as we get older. Her yoga classes have a holistic approach, integrating Ayurvedic principles along with asana. By drawing on her background as an alternative therapist, she aspires to create a balancing and nurturing space in her classes. Her love of Ayurveda started in her mother's kitchen as she watched her prepare her own blend of spices to use in her dosha-balancing meals.