Detailed List of Retreats

“Soul Origami” – Unfolding Me: Listening with your whole being, Speaking from your deepest authenticity

Teacher: Nicholas Burnand and Sarah Dekker
Cost: 2 days' accommodation + R350 surcharge
Dates: Tuesday 14 August 2018 - Thursday 16 August 2018

nicholas burnandsarah dekkerWe are inviting you on a journey of direct experiencing, sensing and being, witnessing the mystery of existence reveal itself. The Dyad is a powerful meditation technique which rapidly takes us to a heightened level of mindfulness and self-awareness. In contrast to silent meditation methods practised alone, this is practised face-to-face. Through the Dyad enquiry we watch our hearts unfold, learning to trust ourselves, to listen with our whole being and to speak from a place of inner awareness. Just as in Origami, each fold presents a new facet of ourselves; another aspect of life. Individual and group processes will be alternated with periods of individual reflection and quiet contemplation in the beautiful natural surroundings of the BRC.  Click here to view a clip of a previous retreat.

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Nicholas Burnand has reflected deeply on the question “Is there more to life than struggle and suffering?” This led him on a quest to discover how he could live life more fully present, alive and with joy. His journey has taken him to remote places, spending hundreds of hours in retreats, ceremonies, workshops, as well as in personal daily practice. He discovered the Dyad Enquiry practice four years ago, and since then has been practising and sharing it in workshops, retreats, and one-on-one sessions which he offers as a CNVC certified trainer. Along with Nonviolent Communication, he has found the Dyad method to be the most deeply transformative practice that he has encountered so far. Through it he has discovered that empathy is the path to freedom from suffering - as the Buddha did 25 centuries before him.

Sarah Dekker grew up in Ghana, Botswana, the Netherlands, Mozambique and South Africa where she engaged with people from many different cultures and socio-economic backgrounds. She found herself looking for connection and building bridges to overcome our stories of separation and steer ourselves towards a common humanity. She studied gender and conflict studies, longing to better understand identity constructs and social hierarchies and to figure out how divides between people might be deconstructed. After university her focus shifted from the academic to the experiential and spiritual, becoming more aware of our inner world and our interconnectedness with the broader web of life. She attended many workshops and trained in various modalities. Nonviolent Communication and Dyad practice have become essential components of her daily life and constitute the most transformative tools she has encountered.