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Mirror, Lens And Window: The art of journalling

Teacher: Dorian Haarhoff
Cost: 3 days’ accommodation + R150 surcharge
Dates: Sunday 21 October 2018 - Wednesday 24 October 2018

dorian_haaroff.jpgSome record only what has happened to them; but others record how they happened to the universe - Henry David Thoreau

The word ‘journal’ comes from Old French ‘day’. So it is our daily encounter with ourselves through the mirror, lens and window of words and silence. ‘Journal’ echoes the word journey, as we travel through inner and outer landscapes. In this retreat we write with the ear, eye and heart.

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Dorian Haarhoff  is a writer story-teller and mentor. Passionate about developing our innate creativity and imagination, he believes in the power of stories to spread Loving-Kindness, to grow the moment and bring healing. Dorian’s workshops are based on his text, The Writer’s Voice.  He draws his inspiration from mythology, whole-brain theory, narrative therapy, Zen, creation spirituality, the new physics and eco - and Jungian psychology.  He is a former professor of English (Namibia) and facilitates story/writing workshops. His poems appear in Quiet Food and The Cake the Buddha Ate.