Colour And Energy Healing Workshop

Teacher: Maureen Edgcumbe
Cost: 2 days’ accommodation + R150 surcharge
Dates: Tuesday 15 May 2018 - Thursday 17 May 2018

maureen edgcumbe smlImagine yourself in a colourless world - no warm reds, oranges or yellows, nor cool blues, greens or turquoises or any of the infinite colour combinations. Colour healing comes from, and is an important part of, the entire realm of energy. Colour is an intimate part of our being. The introduction of colour into our surroundings and clothing is an energetic statement. Light and colour are more revealing than form. Colour is life! During this workshop we will discover the powerful story that colour can reveal. We will play with an array of coloured glass pebbles, dyes, water, clear glass, and light which is a fascinating introduction into the realm of holistic healing and creative expression. This experience will open up a more profound sense of self-awareness and intuition and help us to understand what can block the creative process and how to overcome it. Profoundly simple, but simply profound.

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Maureen Edgcumbe is a successful professional landscape and portrait artist. Originally art trained, she later qualified as a Specialized Kinesiologist. Prior to undertaking painting on a fulltime basis, she spent 25 years running her Kinesiology practice as well as her Creative Expression Workshops. More recently she explored, via the ‘integral’ and ‘ontological’ schools of coaching, her own personal development through working one-on-one with a professionally certified coach. Given her commitment to compassion and attention to detail in her engagements, she is a trusted and sought-after intuitive coach who has a unique ability to identify the root-causes of many personal challenges and unlock creative and personal potential. In her work she aims for tangible outcomes for her clients that are designed to enhance their competence and resourcefulness.