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Plant Healing - The Sangoma Way: An intensive plant healing retreat

Teacher: John Lockley
Cost: 3 days' accommodation + R250 surcharge
Dates: Monday 05 February 2018 - Thursday 08 February 2018

john lockleyMedicinal plants have been used in African Sangoma culture for hundreds of years - to cleanse and help people to connect to their true nature. This is reflected in conscious dreaming and in a more aware wakeful state. The Sangoma healing culture is one of the most ancient and misunderstood healing systems in the world. Yet up until the 1980’s, more than 80% of South Africans consulted traditional healers and Sangomas. Participants in this retreat will learn about medicinal plants and their uses and the role of ancestors and dreams.  Sangomas are spiritual doctors. They work with plants in a different way to herbalists. A Sangoma connects to the spirit of a plant and calls this spirit forth to help heal people. Often these are plants which the sangoma has dreams about. John will work with 3 plants that he has dreams  about, and discuss this ancient culture with participants and demonstrate how they can develop an intimate relationship with the plant world.  He will also discuss how plants are harvested, prepared and sold in South Africa today, forming an intricate triangle of relationships from the rural areas to urban towns and cities. The story of plants is the story of traditional South African culture. He will demonstrate the Sangoma version of meditative absorption through drumming, chanting and dancing. Every morning there will be a “dream circle” in which dreams will be interpreted.  Please bring a plastic basin which will be used  for  medicinal foot healing, and a dream journal, pen and paper to take notes.

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John Lockley has practised Zen Buddhism since the early 90’s. He studied under Zen Master Su Bong in South Korea and was invited to become a Zen monk after completing his first kyol-che (3 month silent retreat), but chose to rather follow his Sangoma calling. He was one of the first white men to be invited to train as a Xhosa Sangoma, and apprenticed under Mum Ngwevu, a well-known Xhosa Sangoma in the Eastern Cape. He runs Ubuntu “humanity” workshops internationally, teaching people heart-beat meditation, and how to connect with their dreams, ancestors, nature and one another. He holds an honours degree in clinical psychology. He has published  a book Leopard Warrior .  " A beautiful invitation to open your eyes and heart to whole new worlds of shamanic healing and spirit. A reminder to trust your dreams and inspiration, and to love, dance and awaken to mystery." Jack Kornfield .  Click here to read more about the book Leopard Warrior