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Mindfulness - Always Available, Everywhere: A Vipassana retreat

Teacher: Jonathan Preboy and Anna Scharfenberg
Cost: 2 days' accommodation + R250 surcharge
Dates: Friday 12 January 2018 - Sunday 14 January 2018

anna scharfenbergjonathan preboyThoughts are about what is not happening.  Paul Hedderman

Vipassana (insight) meditation is based on mindfulness, which is always available, everywhere, without limits or cost. The question is how to realise it. The answer was provided by the Buddha more than 2600 years ago. He taught the method of Vipassana meditation as a way to cultivate mindfulness. This retreat is an invitation for beginner and experienced meditators to practise Vipassana using the traditional Buddhist method of Mahasi Sayadaw and Achan Tong. For beginners it is a good technique to start with and for experienced meditators, it is a way to deepen their Insight. Mindfulness is developed by regular walking and sitting practice, and by maintaining awareness during normal activities, such as eating, showering, dressing etc, and by daily interviews with a teacher.

Sustain awareness at every moment in every posture, whether standing, walking, sitting or lying down. This is the way to establish mindfulness in the heart. - Ajahn Chah

The retreat will be held in an atmosphere of Noble silence.

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Jonathan Preboy and Anna Scharfenberg trained in Vipassana meditation under the great Vipassana master, Achan Tong. Jonathan was formerly a clinical psychologist in private practice in Durban. Anna was involved in  managing and organising Vipassana meditation retreats in Belgium and at Dhammacari Vipassana Meditation Centre in Germany. They taught together at Wat Chom Tong Meditation Centre in Thailand, and in Mexico, Italy, Spain and at the BRC and Dharmagiri. They are based at the Tisarana Vipassananurson Meditation Centre in Prague.