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Find Your Way Back To Nature For Self-Healing

Teacher: Bernard Chatikobo
Cost: 2 days accommodation + R300 surharge
Dates: Wednesday 24 July 2024 - Friday 26 July 2024

bernard charikoboEscape to the tranquil and nurturing environment of the BRC for a transformative, highly interactive and personal healing experience with Reiki Master, Bernard Chatikobo. Take take your first step to self-healing and explore the benefits of water, food, exercise and most importantly breath in talks infused with live, soothing musical vibrations of mbira music. This unique two-day healing retreat is tailored for individuals to take away seven daily breathing exercises, conscious basking in the ambience of forests as tools for self-healing and a one-on-one energy healing session for improved relaxation, vitality and well-being. Make every step count when you join Bernard to greet the sunrise on early morning trail walks and find inner serenity to feel "I AM."

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Bernard Chatikobo is a Reiki Master and the founder of "Back2NatureSA".  He is devoted to guiding transformative healing journeys, specialising in soul-healing walks, energy healing, and harmonising the core of mind, body and spirit. A voice for nature and a  part-time ranger in the Hawaan Forest in Durban,  he takes people on guided walks, introducing 'forest bathing' and traditional Mbira music for healing and harmony. His passion is trees and birds and encouraging one to immerse oneself in nature to find inner serenity and well-being.