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Shibuie - When Beauty Happens Accidentally: Sumie And Raku – Japanese Brush Painting And Ceramics

Teacher: Ingrid Adams, Sharon Paterson, Bernard Chatikobo and Chris Rooke
Cost: 4 days accommodation + R500 surcharge
Dates: Thursday 12 December 2024 - Monday 16 December 2024

ingrid adamssharon patersonbernard charikobochris rookeShibuie is the ancient Japanese concept of Accidental Beauty in which the artist is just one ingredient in a number of dynamic interacting natural processes, the outcome of which is delightfully unpredictable, but strangely beautiful - not ego-driven or deliberate.

Ingrid will teach the classical Japanese brush painting techniques - Sumie - as these are applied to traditional subjects, such as landscape, bamboo and flower studies - as well as contemporary subjects. We will use the genuine, traditional materials: solid pine-soot ink, a hollowed-out slate to liquefy it, a deer-hair bamboo-stemmed brush and absorbent mulberry paper. Tools will be provided. Sharon will offer the Raku and explore various glazing and firing techniques. Each retreatant will receive a bisque-fired tea bowl to sumie-decorate and glaze. The kiln will be fired up, after which we will watch the magic as the bowls emerge triumphantly from the scorching heat! Chris will offer qigong sessions and Bernard will be offering forest walks and introducing 'forest bathing' with traditional Mbira music for healing and harmony. A traditional Chinese Tea Ceremony will be held on the final evening.

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Ingrid Adams qualified as a fashion designer, an art teacher and completed a B.A. Fine Arts with Unisa. She travelled extensively whilst running a successful business in fashion and home textiles. Viewing Sumie and ink painting in China, Japan and Korea, she embarked on a Sumie course with Louis and was instantly smitten. Retiring from business, Ingrid completed a B.A. Fine Arts Honours, and a Masters, with UKZN Pietermaritzburg. Both the research and practical were focused on Sumie. She has now enrolled for a PhD, continuing to employ traditional Sumie processes and nature. She currently paints and teaches Sumie part-time.

Sharon Paterson is a potter and stained glass artist . Pottery is her passion. Currently, she teaches pottery at her studio in Ballito and has a retail shop in Salt Rock with 3 of her 4 daughters.  The sea and life style influence her style of pottery. She produced a lot of wild life pottery and dinnerware  while living in Mpumalanga for thirty-four years. Recently, she and a friend collaborated online and started a website called Curiosity. Their slogan is “Ceramics for Change” and their ambition is to empower local artists and give them a place to work and platform from which to sell their art. Many of our talented artists are living from hand to mouth.  We need to support local!  See www. refresheddesigns.co.za

Bernard Chatikobo is a part-time ranger in the Hawaan Forest in Durban where he takes people on guided walks, introducing 'forest bathing' and traditional Mbira music for healing and harmony. His passion is trees and birds. He will be leading the walks over this retreat where one can immerse oneself in nature and find inner serenity.

Chris Rooke began his journey into complementary health in London in the 1980's studying Zen Shiatsu, Macrobiotics, Taichi and Qigong. In 1992 he emigrated to South Africa and presently practises Iridology and the Trauma Release Process. He also teaches a number of qigong forms in the Upper Highway area such as White Crane, Zhan Zhaung, Chi Lel and Five Yin Organ qigong.