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Vinyāsa Yoga And Meditation

Teacher: Hannelize Robinson
Cost: 2 days accommodation + R400 surcharge
Dates: Friday 26 January 2024 - Sunday 28 January 2024

hannelize robinsonYoga teaches us the ability to remain present, calm and stable no matter what situation we find ourselves in. It is not about perfecting the shape of the pose or increasing flexibility - it is about knowing what the shapes do and how they impact our physiology, our energy and our mind. When carefully planned and sequenced, yoga helps us to thrive in the external world that is always changing, and simultaneously allows us to disconnect from our daily lives and reconnect to that aspect of being that never changes. In yoga we use the body to connect with the breath (asana), the breath to connect with the mind (pranayama) and the mind to connect back to Source (meditation). When we regularly practise meditation we train ourselves to pause before we react – often based on habitual patterns – and instead to respond calmly with more wisdom and compassion.

Previous yoga practice is recommended; however, beginners are welcome. Please bring your own yoga mat.

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Hannelize Robinson is a Yoga and Mindfulness teacher based in Johannesburg. She is a dedicated student of Yoga and Buddhism and the founder of Conscious-Collab, an initiative established to host transformative group experiences and gatherings - for mind and body - to help create a healthier, harmonious and more conscious, connected world. Her personal journey of discovery has led her towards conscious and mindful living with yoga and meditation becoming an integral part of her life. Her intention is to inspire and assist her students and clients on their own journey of growth and transformation.