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Finding Meaning And Purpose - Buddhist Insights Into The Nature Of The Mind

Teacher: Ven Khenpo Jamyang Gompo
Cost: 2 day's accommodation + R450 surcharge
Dates: Friday 10 November 2023 - Sunday 12 November 2023

ven khenpo jamyang gompoWe all wish to have happiness and avoid the uncomfortable feelings that seem to dominate our daily life; feelings of dissatisfaction, unease, anxiety that keep us awake at night, our agitation with loved ones and anger towards others. It is times like these that create uncertainty and a feeling of helplessness; we want to be happy, contented and have a sense of peace in our hearts. Khenpo Jamyang Gompo will gently guide participants to a deeper understanding of how these emotions arise and how we can find a sense of meaning and purpose in whatever circumstances we find ourselves.

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Ven Khenpo Jamyang Gompo was born in 1971 in South India and enrolled at early age as a novice monk at Sakya Monastery in South India and studied under many eminent masters of his tradition receiving many teachings including both oral and explanatory transmissions and empowerments. He received recognition for his learning from his teachers and was thus conferred Khenpo Title/ Degree in 2015, which is equivalent to a Geshe degree. After completing his monastic education, Ven Jamyang worked as Abbot of the Sakya Monastery, Mundgod, South India. Later, he was appointed as Director of the same monastery for five years. Being fluent in English and well versed in Buddhist philosophies and meditation practices, he is knowledgeable in other fields of learning including Tibetan literature and linguistics and has a good grounding in and understanding of modern Sciences.