Nikki Brighton is Wild About Weeds: A Weekend on Edible Weeds with Walks And Talks On Rewilding

Teacher: Nikki Brighton
Cost: 2 days accommodation + R300 surcharge
Dates: Friday 31 May 2024 - Sunday 02 June 2024

nikki brightonNikki's immersive experience will focus on finding and tasting weeds found in gardens and public spaces. During her retreat you will learn to identify various tasty edibles and surprise your palate while you forage for free food. She will inspire you to give free food a try. Nikki hosts regular walks in Howick, KZN Midlands, and is often invited to far flung places to share her enthusiasm for wild eating. SABC 2 recently screened a programme on her and her foraging expeditions. She was also featured in publications Grow to Eat, Getaway and the Daily Maverick. She has compiled two books: Mnandi - a taste of Mpophomeni - a recipe book that celebrates the cooks and gardeners of Mpophomeni township in KZN Midlands and includes a section on commonly eaten weeds and Wild About Weeds – an introduction to uncultivated food; guide to the most common edible weeds and uncultivated foods found in South Africa (probably the planet). Her retreat - is intended to stimulate curiosity and encourage foodies to explore and make the most of the delicious abundance of your area and to lighten your load on our planet.

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Nikki Brighton is a writer and activist, well known in the Midlands for her passion for the environment and community. She is an enthusiastic locavore who has been instrumental in the establishment and support of Mpophomeni Conservation Group, the Slow Food Community of KZN Midlands, the REKO farmers markets and the Midlands Barter Markets. She loves nothing better than running bean seeds through her fingers, foraging for wild greens on walks along the river with her dog and delighting friends with entirely local meals, using unusual ingredients. She is a prolific blogger and uses every opportunity to raise awareness about the causes she cares about - local food, simple, creative living, animal rights, conservation and community. Nikki is listed as an influential woman in the Mail & Guardian 2021 Power of Women