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Three Treasures For Mindful Living - A Pathway To Balance

Teacher: Bridget Hawkins
Cost: 2 days accommodation + R350 surcharge
Dates: Friday 11 August 2023 - Sunday 13 August 2023

bridget hawkinsIn this retreat we will explore three fundamental areas of our human experience - The Three Treasures - a healthy body, a happy heart, and a clear and present mind to create an awareness of and implement techniques for harmony and balance in everyday life. This will be a relaxed retreat, incorporating blended sessions of yoga and qigong, meditation and breath work. There will be time to explore our creativity with an introduction to Neurographic drawing - a mindful automatic style of drawing developed by Russian psychologist Pavel Piskarev. The premise is that we are able to rewire our neural pathways when practising this style of meditative drawing. It is a simple, therapeutic technique which does not require artistic experience. We will also examine and practise breathing techniques and spend quiet time in reflection and meditation in nature which will include forest bathing. Our collective energy will enhance both our individual and group experience and the program is one that you are able to implement in your life beyond the retreat.

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Bridget Hawkins has immersed herself in hatha yoga for twenty years, teaching both adults and children’s yoga for the past eight years. Her desire to expand her knowledge led her to teach a blended form of yoga and qigong where she found that both disciplines had a synchronistic, energetic flow which was therapeutic. Two years of further research into various mindful practices, including Neurographic drawing, led to the formation of a beta program where participants spent a month implementing mindful practices, improved eating habits and exercise, as well as creative endeavours. This beta program then became the foundation of The Three Treasures Mindful Living Program. Currently, Bridget teaches her blended yoga and qigong sessions in Westville where she also runs collaborative workshops.