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Sacred Union: Integrate The Divine Masculine And Feminine Energies: Going Deeper into your authentic self - Part 2

Teacher: John Homewood and Michelle McClunan
Cost: 2 days accommodation + R450 surcharge
Dates: Sunday 04 June 2023 - Tuesday 06 June 2023

john homewood nov2019michelle mcclunanPart 2 is a continuation of Part 1 (2 – 4 May).  John Homewood and Michelle McClunan take you even deeper into integrating the Masculine and Feminine energies, combining transformational spiritual teachings of Presence, Awakening and Creative Art Processes. This Going Deeper extension will further help you integrate the Masculine and Feminine, and clear blockages that may have prevented you from living a healthy, peaceful and abundant life. All creative experiences are process-driven, as opposed to being outcome-based, so no artistic experience or skill is required. You will leave with a deeper sense of peace; a more focused sense of life purpose and rekindled joy and with greater emotional and spiritual intelligence with practical tools to navigate life’s challenges.

John Homewood and Michelle McClunan bring their combined thirty-seven years of facilitating experience to this retreat, providing you with a gentle, yet powerful process, that will awaken and nourish you. Relax, recharge, rejuvenate and reawaken through Sacred Presence, Nature and Art. Deepen your spiritual awakening by reuniting with the simple joy of being - open to the flow of creative abundance Re-boot and shift your life to a new level and learn tools and life skills to help navigate the winds of change in a balanced and integrated way.

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John Homewood is an inspirational speaker, teacher and Life Coach, with a passion for sharing the wisdom he has learnt through years of self-reflection, study and life-lessons. He has a gift in conveying complex subjects in a way that is easily understood, integrated and assimilated. His greatest joy is to help others to see their own lives from a higher and broader perspective, and to feel the joy of the present moment. His insightful wisdom teaching will help to clear your mind of its emotional and mental ‘stuckness’ to move into flow. For more than twenty years, John has inspired many with his radio and TV talks, as well as interactive seminars, workshops and retreats in the private and corporate sector.

Michelle McClunan is an astrologer, Life Coach and Process Art Facilitator and uses a multi-faceted approach to help people to understand themselves, navigate their lives and rediscover their true purpose and potential. Using her own non-outcome based creatively experiential methods, Michelle will guide you into a receptive state, where you are able to receive signals and messages from the intuitive intelligence that resides within you. As you engage in this work, you start to shift old patterns of thought or behaviour that may be blocking you from living the rich and fulfilling life you deserve. Michelle counsels and coaches one-on-one and has facilitated workshops and retreats for seventeen years.