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Shine your Light : An Integrative Astrology Retreat Combining Astrology, SoulCollage® And Yoga

Teacher: Corinna Botoulas and Duncan Rice
Cost: 2 days accommodation + R450 surcharge
Dates: Friday 24 February 2023 - Sunday 26 February 2023

corinna botoulas2020duncanrice fullDuring this retreat, Corinna will connect you to your inner light and wisdom, discovering the archetype of your Sun - the masculine, yang, extroverted outward-radiating nature of your being, and the Moon - the feminine yin, receptive, internalized, reflective nature. She will translate the language of Astrology, working with your natal birth chart's Sun and Moon to guide your journey of self-discovery and explore SoulCollage© imageboards.  Duncan will balance these two subtle energies with yoga sessions to create equilibrium in body, mind and soul.

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Corinna Botoulas was fascinated with Astrology early in life and began formalizing her passion through studies culminating in a distinction in her Astrology Diploma with the Rod Suskin School of Astrology. She realized Astrology is an insightful tool to recognize unique personalized individuality. She believes that a deeper self-understanding, self-compassion and self-tolerance of one's capabilities and weaknesses minimize suffering while accentuating life's benefits. She is also a qualified SoulCollage© facilitator.

Duncan Rice offers community-based yoga at "Yogam Yoga" in Durban. He has studied and lived in India for many years and has  followed the teachings of Patanjali (Ashtanga Yoga), Ayurveda and Hatha Yoga which are laid down in some of the oldest texts of yoga. His yoga is rooted in ancient tradition passed down by the teachers over thousands of years teaching that we are a multi-layered being from our physical body to your subtle body. Yoga is about creating health and equilibrium in our body, calming the mind and allowing us to be in touch and at peace with our true self.