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Nia - Retreat Through Dance: Curating Life As Art.

Teacher: Susan Sloan
Cost: 2 days accommodation + R350 surcharge
Dates: Friday 09 September 2022 - Sunday 11 September 2022

susan sloane oct2021Nia is a powerful collaboration of dance, martial arts and mindfulness practices that repatterns your nervous system for body, mind and holistic well-being and joy. By dancing barefoot, we use The Body’s Way to sense the wisdom of the body - and dance in a way that feels energising and balancing. Join Susan on this transformational retreat as we weave the tapestry of joy and embrace the beauty in life. After all, life is art.

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Susan Sloan is a holistic wellness practitioner who harnesses connection and empathy through movement. She trained as a Hatha Yoga Instructor in 2000 (ISHTA Yoga Teachers-YTF, IYF) and has been teaching yoga and Nia Technique at her studio since 2003. She is a teacher trainer who believes Nia has the potential to help heal trauma in our brains and in our bodies. Nia curates a life of stillness, purpose in reaching our potential. Susan is a hands-on healing Reiki Master (Usui)/Trainer and Level 7 Kahuna Massage Therapist and has explored workshops with Gabor Mate on The Wisdom of Trauma.