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The Body Has Something To Say: Exploring Our Thinking Bodies Through Yoga, Meditation And Therapeutic Reflection

Teacher: Fiona Brittion and Jason Ross
Cost: 2 days accommodation + R250 surcharge
Dates: Friday 02 September 2022 - Sunday 04 September 2022

fiona brittionjason ross oct2019When we allow ourselves to move in creative and healing ways, paying careful attention to the joy, the discomfort, the desire or the agitation that arises, we may learn how trauma of everyday life can break parts of us and how we might have put ourselves back together again in less helpful ways. By finding a flow in our bodies, stretching, balancing, and strengthening our bodies - we build a relationship between the parts of our being, allowing us to reshape ourselves. Fiona will guide both gentle and flowing yoga; Jason will help us understand the language of our bodies through meditation and therapeutic reflection. Simply bring your body -  just as it is -  and a mat.

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Fiona Brittion has had a passion for Yoga for most of her life and commenced her yoga teacher training in 2021. As life’s traumas took their toll, she was able to find refuge through yoga. She has journeyed through various careers, ranging from a Camera Assistant in film to an Airline Pilot, travelling extensively. She first visited the BRC thirteen years ago, developing a deep love and appreciation for Buddhist practice and has been a regular retreatant ever since. She currently manages the Centre For Purposeful Living in La Mercy KZN, facilitating retreats and sanghas, and has established an NPO in support of nearby communities. 

Jason Ross is a psychologist practising in KwaZulu Natal. He specialises in relationships, sexual health and addiction. His interest in Buddhism, however, preceded his career in psychology when Rob Nairn first introduced him to the relationship between Buddhism and psychology in 1997. He fondly recalls his first retreat with Louis van Loon 20 years ago. He was trained in Discursive Psychology and, therefore, has an interest in how we construct our realities through language. He is particularly interested in a language-based approach to mindfulness. He does not believe in reducing people's experiences to diagnostic labels and is very interested in finding more empowering ways for us to describe and understand our problems. He believes that we cannot live effectively without a sense of purpose and, along with his life partner, Fiona Brittion, he has founded the secular Buddhist retreat centre, The Centre For Purposeful Living in La Mercy KZN.