Sangha Projects News - Dec 2012

It really feels good to know that you are one of those for whom the BRC has become a major spiritual focus and to which you feel closely connected. It is vindication of a belief and a vision Louis had some 40  years ago when those three hills in Ixopo were first acquired for retreat purposes – long before there was anyone interested in the dhamma in South Africa – let alone in meditation practice!

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Sangha Projects News - July 2012

It gives me a thrill to meet people at the Centre who have been coming regularly for the last 25 years or so. On average half the people attending our workshops are newcomers, the rest “old-timers".  We reckon that this is a healthy sign.  It shows that the Centre adapts to a society in transition. This explains the support it enjoys from those who value it as their spiritual home. 

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Sangha Project News - June 2011

Gary van Wyk donated and planted 30 indigenous trees in commemoration of the BRC’s 30 year existence. Isolde Mellet gifted 200 magnificent trees! These will be used to extend our indigenous gardens close the main buildings at the Centre, including the soon to be established Buddha Tree GardenKushy Ramjathan, collected vegetables and groceries donated by her friends, and prepares breyani and dessert whenever she visits. The CD Dawn that is played during Richard’s Chi Kung demonstrations has become so popular that Peter Kloppers has willingly supplied more copies for the shop.

We should not forget that apart from these donors, our visiting teachers make a profound contribution. They don’t receive any fees; only whatever Dana is collected for them. The BRC administrative staff only receive their board and lodging and a small stipend for their service to the Centre.

Thank you all!


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