Sangha Projects: January 2016

Generosity is the first of the Paramitas (Perfections) and the most highly praised of the Buddha’s teachings, because it gives rise to the other quintessential qualities of virtue. This altruism is evident in the way our patrons and donors respond so spontaneously to the needs of the Centre - needs that are not catered for in the rates we (reluctantly) charge for food and accommodation. 

Thank you to our Monthly contributors and PUY’s:  Kim Darke, Linda Van der Nest, Melanie Wicks, Barbara Day, Annegret Rood, Peter Wellman, R. Brownath, Rosemary Turner, Stephen Coan, Antony Lavoipierre, Pam Evans, Jack Schmitter, Frank Hunter and Ingrid Adams for your continued generosity which has enabled the ongoing refurbishment and upgrading of the Centre. 

Chris Dalzell donated additional indigenous trees which are happily rooted and flourishing in the BRC gardens and Buddha Boma.  Ans van der Walt continues to upgrade our library with her expertise and diligence, while grateful thanks must go to Maheshvari Naidu and Kriben Pillay for the memorial bench which graces the garden around the Stupa.

Corinne Abel very generously sponsored the installation of the window screens in the kitchen and dining room which have been so effective in keeping the flies and the monkeys outside - where they belong. We received a magnanimous donation from Rob Havemann towards the initial installation of solar panels at the Lodge, which will go a long way into helping reduce Eskom’s bill. There have been countless other thoughtful gestures, from books for our library from Di Franklin, to a beautiful Wok from Lillian and Gerry Steytler, beautiful photographs from Warren Haltmann, and indigenous trees from Heather and Alan Wilson, and the many caring and generous gestures from our staff, Sally Bosch, Amy Best, Paul Atkinson, Colin Kemery, June Atkinson and Avril Nichols in helping to keep the BRC running so smoothly.  Thanks too to Sally for the sterling job she does in updating our Facebook. We are indebted to Tokozani Nene who is always available to advise and help, and to Brendon and Beena Hatcher of BrilliantWeb for their unstinting help with our newsletters and our website.

Thank you, everybody, for your generosity!