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An Antidote To Insecurity

Teacher: Peter and Louisa Lennon
Cost: 3 days accommodation plus R200 accommodation
Dates: Tuesday 12 July 2022 - Friday 15 July 2022

peter lennonlouisa lennonIf the little voice inside tends to remind you constantly of your mistakes and inadequacies, or you are not sure what your life is about, or you sometimes get horrible feelings of emptiness, you will discover from your fellows on this retreat how those things are all quite normal in human beings. We will explore the attitudes, habitual behaviours and choices of words you use about yourself that tend to reinforce the unhelpful thoughts, make you feel worthless and without purpose. We will create for you a space of harmony and perfect safety, and encourage you to observe, to show up, commit, and take away what you find.

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Peter Lennon is a trained trainer with twenty-five years' experience as mentor and life coach - at home, at work and in personal transformation workshops. Those around him say his style is not to lecture or try to present people with his own ideas for their lives, but rather to sense the questions to ask that will open them to their own possibilities. He brings insight, attention and commitment to the work. In professional life he was a schoolmaster, then a glaciologist working in Antarctica on early climate research, then an IT consultant and an instructor for 43 years, so far.

Louisa Lennon is young, enthusiastic, full of heart and cares deeply about the well-being of the people around her and of our ecosphere. After graduating as a top academic achiever from the University of Pretoria she joined a major South African insurance company as a Trainee Financial Adviser and quickly became an investment expert, with a leaning towards ethical use of funds. She holds a Level 3 Toastmasters award. She is Peter Lennon's daughter.