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Original Condition - A Meditation And Movement Retreat: Learn To Reframe Intimacy Through Meditation, Mindful And Creative Movement

Teacher: Dave Gardner
Cost: 5 days accommodation + R350 surcharge
Dates: Sunday 13 November 2022 - Friday 18 November 2022

dave gardnerAre we able to commit fearlessly to the world? To each other? To the moment? What is it to be intimate? Through isolation and dependence on technology, have we numbed our aliveness and become endlessly distracted and driven by self-interest? The tools of meditation, mindful and creative movement, a connection with others and nature, and  expression through writing and music - all remind us of our essence - our Original Condition - which can never be truly  grasped, but it is what keeps us on the cushion, or in the flow, or on the path, or with the breath, or with each other with compassion and joy - quietly showing up with an open heart and mind. Join Dave on this 5-day retreat to remind you of what you already are. It's sometimes fun and sometimes it's not. An earnest commitment is how you grow.

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Dave Gardner has been  teaching for ten years. He has studied meditation, yoga, martial arts, movement, acrobatics and dance with some remarkable teachers across the world, and developed "Original Condition" which  is a mindful and creative movement practice that helps people to get started with theirs. He facilitates a learning environment where people can clearly see what obstacles are in their own way, and provides transformative tools in the form of meditation and movement that empower people to turn problems into solutions.