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Anger - On The Path Of Love

Teacher: Yageshree Moodley and Udersh Mahesh
Cost: 2 days accommodation + R250 surcharge
Dates: Friday 22 July 2022 - Sunday 24 July 2022

yageshree moodleyudersh maheshAnger is a challenging emotion to feel and work with. It is so often all-consuming and destructive that many of us avoid or suppress anger, especially on a spiritual path. Yet, anger is also part of our human experience. It can ignite fierce compassion and sustain action - daring us to grow, so that we can better serve all sentient beings. This retreat offers a safe space to meet anger, to explore what lies beneath it and beyond it, and to practise responding to anger mindfully. Together we will explore:

- Gentle yoga and guided meditation to deepen our awareness and tolerance of strong sensations
- Experiential group exercises and facilitated conversations to understand anger
- Silence to integrate insights and transform emotional energy.

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Yageshree Moodley believes that empathic group experiences change the world. She facilitates experiential groups focused on personal growth and interpersonal skills, and has found the content on anger especially empowering - for both participants and herself. As a yoga teacher, Yageshree holds the group with embodied awareness. Her other roles include practising as an actuary, exploring socially-responsible investments and managing a house full of furry friends.

Udersh Mahesh empowers individuals with a deep sense of purpose that is aligned to their highest values. An experienced engineer, he now offers that level of rigour to help people and organisations optimise Performance, Wellness and Lifelong Learning. His approach is holistic and eclectic, integrating the many philosophies and practices he has explored. This course will draw from his experience teaching yoga, mindfulness, and the Red2Blue method.