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Freedom In Awakening: Realise your magnificence!

Teacher: John Homewood
Cost: 2 days' accommodation + R350 surcharge
Dates: Friday 03 May 2019 - Sunday 05 May 2019

john homewoodDissolve your old imprisoned self … and set yourself free now…
Freedom from grief, depression and anxiety
Freedom from need, fear and wanting
Freedom from jealousy and regret
Freedom from lack of self-worth
Freedom from non-forgiveness
Freedom from past pain
Freedom for Life

Sometimes getting away from it all for a short while and being gently guided through a process of soul re-integration and healing, is all that is needed to shift your life to higher levels of love and fulfilment. Until you discover your true life purpose, your life may appear rudderless and uncertain. This retreat includes finding your inner purpose: the power of forgiveness, acceptance, surrender and presence. Participants will be guided to answer three vital questions: Who are you? What do you really want? What is your life's purpose? During this workshop participants will discover how to still the mind and access the power of presence, opening them up to greater levels of happiness and creativity. By stripping away the layers of the unconscious mind and discovering a deeper innate sense of being, participants will gain a clearer sense of purpose and direction. The Awakening Shift Experience is based on John Homewood’s own insights and takes retreatants through a shift from head to heart. He draws not only from his own experience and understanding, but also on enlightened teachings from Eckhart Tolle’s A Course in Miracles. The retreat combines wisdom teachings with practical exercises, guided meditations, simple yogic breathing and stretching, quiet stillness interludes and question and answer sessions. Participants can extend this experience by continuing with a follow up retreat: Going Deeper Into The Awakening.

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John Homewood is an international inspirational speaker, corporate trainer, personal growth facilitator and spiritual life coach. He is also an entrepreneur and founder of Wisdom to Nourish.  His early career in the corporate world was a steady climb from sales to senior management, and by the age of 30, became a director of a publicly listed company before leaving to start his own business. He has a passion for expanding people’s awareness and understanding their potential. He has the ability to impart deep truths in an easy and understandable way.