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Spiritual Friendship: Making The Practice Ordinary And The Ordinary, Practice

Teacher: Ajahn Candasiri
Cost: 5 days accommodation + R500 surcharge
Dates: Friday 12 May 2023 - Wednesday 17 May 2023

ajahn candasiriDuring this time of retreat we will look at the significance of spiritual friendship (kalayanamitta) in our lives. The Buddha emphasised this over and over again as a source of encouragement and guidance. We will explore what this implies and how we can create conditions for these qualities to manifest - both for our own benefit, and also that of others and the world we live in. Noble Silence will be encouraged throughout the retreat, although there also will be times for questions and discussion. There will be morning and evening pujas and time for rest.

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Ajahn Candasiri was born in Scotland in 1947 and after a full and interesting life she decided, in 1979, to enter the monastic community at Chithurst under the guidance of Ajahn Sumedho. For many years she lived in community and been active in supporting a training for nuns at Chithurst and at Amaravati Buddhist monasteries. Now she is living in Scotland in a small Hermitage that has been established for nuns of her tradition. The Buddha's teachings on suffering and its ending continue to be the inspiration for her life and practice.